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The diffusion of religion

Stijn Cornelis van den Hoven _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ To my parents, who raised and supported me. Who let free to explore other cultures, choose my own religion and by doing so initiated a quest to understand the concept of god and learn about the the root of religion and how the whole world relates to each other …

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The rooster and the caduceus. How the sun shaped religions.

The rooster Ever wondered why many churches have roosters on their towers? The official explanation: Quote: ” (Matthew 26:75). The rooster represents Peter’s denial of Christ and also stands for his remorse and repentance upon hearing the rooster’s crow. The rooster, as a symbol, becomes a call to repentance.“ Quote: “In many cultures, the rooster’s …

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This article proves by comparitive imagery that Pakals Tomblid is not a spaceship. We see the same depiction in the Maya Codices clearly a tree, bird , snake or snakes and sacrificial victim. This will be further ellaborated on.   Codex Vindobonensis Mexicanus Tamoanchan_Codex_Borgia   Tamoanchan     Codex Borgia Codex Borgia   Codex Borgia …

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Mirrored page from. for further research.   The internet should never be the primary source for information, and should always be used with extreme caution. This page has come into existence because I stumbled upon an internet site dedicated to the griffin (alernately: “gryphon”, “gryps”). On that site the author stated that the griffin was …

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