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Privacy Policy Effective date: June 03, 2019 Stijn van den Hoven (“us”, “we”, or “our”) operates the website (the “Service”). This page informs you of our policies regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data when you use our Service and the choices you have associated with that data. Our Privacy Policy for …

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Hephaestus worked with the help of the chthonic Cyclopes—among them his assistants in the forge, Brontes, Steropes and Pyracmon.[13][14] Hephaestus built automatons of metal to work for him. This included tripods that walked to and from Mount Olympus. He gave to the blinded Orion his apprentice Cedalion as a guide. In some versions of the …

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Pi related to 11/7 dimensions. A pyramidion of the red pyramid with a base of 1.57 square (half of pi) and a height of 1m, a perfect pi Pyramid, before it was “restored” and its hidden math dimensions ruined. After “restoration”,  dimensions ruined.   Please follow and like us:

Apu , Yanantin and Masintin Apus The twelve sacred apus of Cusco are: Ausangate, Salkantay, Mama Simona, Pillku Urqu, Manuel Pinta, Wanakawri, Pachatusan, Pikchu, Saksaywaman, Viraqochan, Pukin, and Sinqa. Other Apus in Bolivia and Peru are: Akamari, Antikuna, Chachani, Kimsa Chata, Illampu, Lady of Illimani, Machu Picchu, Pitusiray, Phutuq K’usi, Qullqipunku, Sinaqara, Tunupa, Willka Wiqi (Wakay Willka), Wamanrasu, Wayna …

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