Map of Illyrian fortresses and archaeological sites in Albania

This post shows a map of all important archeological sites in Albania and also all megalithic Illyrian fortress locations. It is a great basis for a trip to Albania. It was the main reason I bought below book. Although the book itself was a bit dissapointing and did not show the megalithic fortresses, the map …

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The rooster and the caduceus. How the sun shaped religions.

The rooster Ever wondered why many churches have roosters on their towers? The official explanation: Quote: ” (Matthew 26:75). The rooster represents Peter’s denial of Christ and also stands for his remorse and repentance upon hearing the rooster’s crow. The rooster, as a symbol, becomes a call to repentance.“ Quote: “In many cultures, the rooster’s …

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Sanchi culture

This post shows the use of the lion relief at the indian Sanchi culture of king Ashoka. Lion pillar capital at Sanchi These images show the use of the Palmette motiv as widely used with the Lycians and the greeks in the mediterranean, on Indian art. Namely from the Sanchi kingdom of king Ashoka. This …

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GDPR Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Effective date: June 03, 2019 Stijn van den Hoven (“us”, “we”, or “our”) operates the website (the “Service”). This page informs you of our policies regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data when you use our Service and the choices you have associated with that data. Our Privacy Policy for …

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Fluorescent minerals Minerals such as Tremolite, Diopside, Norbergite, Wollastonite, Fluorapatite, Willemite, Calcite, Sphalerite, Cleiophane, Franklinite, Chlorophane, Fluorite, Rucks Pit Calcite Clam fossil pieces, Sodalite or Hackmanite,  among others. NOTE: Typical Blacklight UV lights will NOT display any color.  Also, the intensity of the color will vary depending on the strength of the lamp you have.  I …

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  I suspect the images on the tiwanaku statues are ‘Ometecuhtli’. Quote source: (Aztec; Ome, “duality” and Tecuhtli, “Lord”) The Lord of Duality. This is seen as the Androgynous nature of the Spirit. He is represented as being joined with his spouse Omecihuatl (see entry by that name). Ometecuhtli-Omecihuatl is the Aztec Osiris-Isis, Joseph-Mary, …

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Mirrored page from. for further research.   The internet should never be the primary source for information, and should always be used with extreme caution. This page has come into existence because I stumbled upon an internet site dedicated to the griffin (alernately: “gryphon”, “gryps”). On that site the author stated that the griffin was …

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Island of Kekova The ancient geographical region of Lycia is situated on the Teke Peninsula of the Mediterranean region of Turkey. Ancient Lycia was surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea on the south, Caria on the west and Pamphylia on the east. The Lycian Civilization is well known by many remains in this area dated to …

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