Knobs on Masonry

Osireion Abydos

As it was found: A snapshot back in time like it was just found. After the cleanup Osireion today, full of water An older picture Immediately behind, to the south and set much lower, is another structure, of uncertain function. Frankfort (1933), who excavated it, called it a “Cenotaph of Seti”, but today it …

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Cyclopian Worldwide Polygonic Masonry

Torre d’en Galmés, Minorca, Balearic Islands / Spain By a friend on facebook:  “Clearly the remnants of another colony of the previous worldwide civilisation – the site looks cruder than most other megalithic sites, but it is certainly because the stones used there are limestone blocks, which got heavily corroded over time. A “trained eye” …

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Lost Civilization – A global Presence Identified By Their Masonry

This proves without a doubt that these cultures where globaly, connected or shared a similar origin, using similar building techniques. What is the story of our missing world history? Lost Civilizations of the Andes / Part 2 5. ‘Inca’ stonemasonry 6. ‘Inca’ sites 7. Tiwanaku   5. ‘Inca’ stonemasonry Most Inca buildings were made out …

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