Osireion Abydos

As it was found: A snapshot back in time like it was just found. After the cleanup Osireion today, full of water An older picture Immediately behind, to the south and set much lower, is another structure, of uncertain function. Frankfort (1933), who excavated it, called it a “Cenotaph of Seti”, but today it …

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Neil mcDonald Magical Malta Tour

Neil McDonald’s Megalithic Tours Magical Malta Tour Magical Malta Ancient, Mystical & Historical Sites Tour Neil’s Book – ‘Malta & Gozo, A Megalithic Journey’ An Eight Day Tour of the Ancient and Historical Sites of Malta and Gozo The ancient temples of the sunny Mediterranean islands of Malta and Gozo are a real wonder of …

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Cyclopian Worldwide Polygonic Masonry

Torre d’en Galmés, Minorca, Balearic Islands / Spain By a friend on facebook:  “Clearly the remnants of another colony of the previous worldwide civilisation – the site looks cruder than most other megalithic sites, but it is certainly because the stones used there are limestone blocks, which got heavily corroded over time. A “trained eye” …

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Kings Chamber Observation – Jean-Pierre Houdin

Two Entrances to the King’s Chamber and How They Were Sealed Posted by: Shemsu Sesen Source: Is there a second, as of yet unopened, entrance to the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid?  How did the ancient builders seal the burial chamber?  Measuring the entrance that we do know about suggests that the sealing …

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Masuda Japan Megaliths And Other Asian Sites

Noteworthy also are the finds in Asuka, Japan, they look pretty similar to the Egyptian ones to me. Miyakozuka pyramid shaped tomb, just like a “step pyramid in eypt.” Japan is definitely of interest as well.  Other sites of interest are: Tsukuriyama burial chamber, Okayama Prefecture, Japan. (last picture in above gallery, note …

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Clive Ross: The royal cubit and the cubit measure.

Rare Book: “106 Dawn of Man” more   The “perfect” alignment Contents 1. Orion’s “belt” and the pyramids. The three stars, forming the Orion belt, are superimposed onto the Giza pyramids, indicating the misalignment of the center pyramid. 2. The alternate theory. The size ratios for the three large pyramids are compared …

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