Marble bust of Serapis wearing a modius (Louvre) Statuette possibly of Serapis (but note the herculean club) from Begram, Afghanistan   The modius is a type of flat-topped cylindrical headdress or crown found in ancient Egyptian art and art of the Greco-Roman world. The name was given by modern scholars based on its resemblance to …

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SER APIS  (LION + BULL)   Source: The Lion, in Chinese is called Shi (獅 pinyin: shī) or Shizi , a term which has been advanced to have been derived as a transliteration of the first syllable from some Iranian language, possibly from the  Iranian, Sary, or even the Sanskrit, Sinha. The Persians called …

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Osiris / Per-Wesir

Ausir, Asiri or Ausar © Me and 12Gigs Source: MDC: Asr, wsir Alt: wAs-ir ​ Gardiner: Ꜣśr, Wśỉr Budge: Ȧusir David Lorton: set-jret Wolfhart Westendorf: Waset-jret Transliteration: Aser, Wesir         Coptic: Ousire , Ousiri , Ousire Greek: Usīris/Osīris Ὄσῑρις, Usiridos/Osiridos Ὀσίρῐδος, Usirei/Osirei ΟΣΙΡΕΙ, Usiris/Osiros ΟΣΙΡΙΟΣ Demotic: Usīr Hebrew: Awziris, Avzyrys אוזיריס, Asir אוסֶר Aawsir, Aavsyr אאוסיר, Awsirs, Avsyrs אוסיריס Arabic: …

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Ancient Egyptian Constellations Differed from Ours Today…

Source: Extracts from a new book, “The Pyramid Builder’s Handbook” by Derek K Hitchins© Full copyright and intellectual property rights retained Ancient Egyptian constellations appear to have been quite different from ours today. We take our present constellations from ancient Greece, although the Chinese have different constellations even today. The picture shows a relatively …

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The legend of Mahishasura – Durga defeats the water buffalo demon.

According to Hindu mythology, Mahishasura was a combination of both an Asura and a Mahisha (Water buffalo) with a trident. He intended to annihilate all the Devas since they were the arch-enemies of Asuras. The legend of Mahishasura is important in Hindu mythology since the goddess Durga was incarnated in order to slay him. Therefore, …

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