In progress: The man/bird and the snake, relations between Hinduism, Budhism and the greeks and Olmecs in symbolism.

Krishna pay attention to the deer. its santas rudolph. the rednosed deer He is  orion (Mṛgaśiras) with rohini lunar mansion. “Santa” is a sanskrit word: Krishna in China, Quan zhou, note the snake/cobra and the deers. Krishna allways has a peacock plume. Its the story of a bird fighting a serpent/dragon. See my Makara …

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Aztek vs Hinduism

Aztek vs hinduism. It is Durga and The buffalo demon Mahishasura It is in symbology similar to Kali on Shiva. One starsign conquers another one. Coneshells where also found in south american graves, This is an astrological depiction. You see the astrological disk identical to the Aztec calender with the figure with the …

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Libertas, statue of liberty artemis (sister of apollo), diana, virgo, demeter, ceres, cybele, astarte (DURGA, Brittania etc etc) astarte, inanna, isis, colombia, (torch, cornucopia, 2 snakes, ear of grain/corn/wheat) Given the star spangled headdress, lady freedom may also be taken as an Americanized version of the goddess Isis. During the past two hundred years …

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Mazzaroth – Frances Rolleston Bookseller Image Mazzaroth: The Constellations, Parts I-IV, including “Mizraim: Astronomy of Egypt” ROLLESTON, Frances ( Foreword by R.A. Gilbert ). Published by Samuel Weiser Inc., York Beach, ME(2001) ISBN 10: 0877289468 ISBN 13: 9780877289463 Used Hardcover First Edition Quantity Available: 1 From: Weiser Antiquarian Books, Inc. (Cape Neddick, ME, U.S.A.) Bookseller Rating: Price: US$ 73.90 Convert …

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The lion led the way;+Seiss+1882&source=bl&ots=nXYUgbrgJE&sig=u5XRnvUMe7aAeBSvUnPqDFQvNdU&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwirgoaY3d_RAhWDBiwKHe6CD2U4ChDoAQgzMAU#v=onepage&q=The%20Gospel%20in%20the%20Stars%3B%20Seiss%201882&f=false Frances Rolleston – The mazzaroth 1862 Gospel in the stars -Joseph A Seiss 1882 E.W. Bullinger – The witness of the stars 1893 Please follow and like us:

The gospel in the stars   According to Josephus, the Constellations were designed by Adam, Seth and Enoch.  Their original purpose was to write the Gospel in the Sky: a PROPHETIC RECORD OF THE LIFE AND MISSION OF YAHSHUA MESSIAH (JESUS CHRIST).  This is the amazing story of the Prophetic Mazzaroth, the TRUE ORIGIN of …

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