The birdman cult and the egg.

After seeing a webarticle from Andrew Collins on, with his research on Gobleki Tepi here:
it made me think about something. 
If Gobleki Tepi focusses on Deneb, as per Andrew Collins diagram, it then is very obvious what the vulture stone next to the circle stone indicates. The vulture stone was never Cygnus, it is Vega.
That be LYRA (VULTURE cadens), Scorpio is also on that stone (and why they haven’t excavated that one properly beats me as one then can see the other constellations) What the vulture is holding as a circle is VEGA.
Diagram from Andrew Collins The position of the Vulture stone is of great significance.
The star reference and constellation usage of Gobleki Tepi is thus pretty obvious. The mysterious birdman, with its egg in hand is that region of the sky,  Lyra with VEGA.  Here in its beak.
So I would say Andrew Collins was looking the right direction, yet picked Cynus and Deneb instead of the real Vulture Lyra.
Not only is that of significance, as the same bird with “egg” in hand is clear in Easter island and Tucume (  as excavated by Thor Heyerdale and where he found “the bird and the egg motif”
The birdman is also seen in Tiuhanaco on the gate of the sun
One could argue that this wordly symbolism later transmuted in the double headed eagle man here seen in bactrian art, in that case vulture cadens and aquila combined. Ophiucius with heads Vulture Cadens and Aquila. The double headed eagle.
Bactrian boar ax head art (the boar is Lupus)
 And was basis for the later double headed eagle. Also the 1000 yrs old idol of Gandabherundaman can be derived from this place in the sky. The double headed bird man makes sense, as there are two eagles there, Vulture Cadens and Aquilla.
And the Sumerian Eagle man (again with bag) The mystery “bag” has always been a symbol for the arc of heavens. So what the bird is holding in its wing is the polestar VEGA. The fruit of the tree.
It is merely a later or different representation of the Gobleki Tepi Vulture stone.
And the double headed eagle of the freemasons and royalty.
This would make perfect sense since the US seal is derived from the Lyra Constellation as well. The US eagle is Vulture Cadens..
The Arrow Sagitta said to have killed of the Cyclops / Cyclopean civilization to which most of the megalithic constructions are attributed.
What does this mean.. That from easter island till Sumeria similar astronomy was found and that the birdman is the constellation Lyra with the very old polestar in its hand. It means that astronomy is that old and that the same birdman was known worldwide. That seems to far fetched for coincidence and might point to some form of cultural exchange.
Article by Stijn  van den Hoven 23-4-2018

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