Baalbek decoded and some random Giza stuff

When you hit a home run. I just decoded and understand the Baalbek temple in Lebanon. #Baalbek #giza #Djed #pillarofheaven #orion #pyramidofman #history #themanandthelight #blueprint #templeofman This raises questions to the #pyramidvoid #themissingchamber #thelamp

The research to the pyramid of man theory can be found here:

Most of the time people have looked at Giza as 3 concurrent Pharaos that randomly build 3 individual pyramids for themselves. But not everyone. Some very interesting mathematics and observations where made by the late Clive Ross in his book 106 dawn of man. Now out of print and hard to find that conjectures that the dimensions and placements gives planetary sizes of our 4 inner planets. Earth as GP1, Venus/Sun as Gp2 and Mars/Mercury as GP3. I am no mathematician or astronomer but if I was I would be interested to verify those findings. He looked at it as an astronomer / mathematician. Not just as tombs. Perhaps this has merit also.

Another interesting work is from In short Vincent Brpwn “sees” a Djed man in the internal passages by looking at it differently then most people and definitely “refreshing”.

Its the guy with the lamp.
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