That bag

Another item that is always brought up in trying to argue these global connections, is the so called “bag”. We see it on Gobleke Tepi pillars, On the figures next to the Sumerian tree of life and also in the hands on the Man in the snake stele 25. Although this is not the focus of this article, everytime the bag is displayed its in relation to astronomy. The tree of life, the pillars of Gobleke Tepe and even the man in the snake. As its Wuetzalcoatl and smoking mirrors/atlatl for tezcatlipoca. (the hero twins) and the serpent swallowing them (sun and moon) in an eclipse.

The “bag” in that context is a symbol of the vaulted sky not unlike the modern royal arch of freemasonry.

New The royal arch mason - New Masonic Signs
It has also been attributed as the water bucket of sages. The ones with the astronomical knowledge. Magi. The sky holds water after all. And remnants of this concept is still seen in modern priest today. The sky, is the source of rain.

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