My interpretation of the Bible story

The main part is that it’s based on previous Roman ‘god’ culture and astronomical allegory of Hercules and its 12 labors.Here the giant in the sky Orion allready played a role as marker of new year. (Lepus, the hare, below it, is our Easter bunny. )

In my opinion both the old and the new testament are astronomical allegories. To understand religion better one needs to look at the motion of the constellations across the respective seasons, To measure time, the seasons when to plant / harvest, was crucial for ancient people. From the very early Egyptians these times where tracked by using the stars and constellations attributed to them. Although Orion & Taurus, the bullman was long the main deity (I could trace this back to Ptah and Sekhmet) with its companian in the sky Virgo, the lion lady.

Also the polar region, the pole star, as image of god, on which the whole world seem to revolve around. The center of the milkyway was also revered as the origin of creation. Faint momories to that lie in our old man at the pole Santa Klaus. The Chinese have this region for the palace.

Now if one knows that the rotation of the sky’s and the (bull man and the lion lady (Orion and Virgo) was the blueprint of which many religions based itself on, one can apply this to more recent religions and symbolism. Many have tried to “decode the bible”, or “find god in it” but personally the author hypothesis is it are but astronomical allegories describing the rotation of the night skies.

One needs to know the previous “couples” in “the garden of eden” or the allegory itself to see all stories and religions share this golden thread.

The old testament:

Adam and Eve in garden of Eden. Tree symbol for tree of heaven/world tree. Adams rib is Orions torch/club/rib. As skies turn Eve/Virgo comes after Adam/Orion(Primordial man with club/rib) , hence she is ‘born from his rib’ .

Both are ‘made from clay’ , as they rise from the earth as constellations from the horizon.

The apple on the tree is the sun symbolically(clever move Apple) . As soon as Eve/Virgo ‘took it’ (passed through virgo) seduced by the snake (Hydra constellation under virgo, which has always been the nemesis of many sky gods defeating the snake in many cultures) , summer ended.

Winter started, thus sky turned further and both ‘got banished from the summer lush garden of Eden’ and from the visible skies.

Virgo and Hercules are close to the old golden apples of the hesperides branch in Hercules hands, which later became cerberus, the guard of hell, like a guard was placed to prevent return to the garden of eden.

But stealing the apples is also derived from this.

The later two sons Cain and Abel is then Hercules and Bootes. As the skies turn further they rename the figures. Or bootes and Orion, where Abel gets slain. Pastoralist (shepherds) and Agriculturalist (bootes). The ‘pastor’ /bull slayer thus won.

The new testament

This allegory later applies to jezus and Maria in New testament / The “New Story”.

If we assume Jezus to be orion, the true shepherd of Anu. It was indeed an immaculate conception as Orion “is born from” Virgo as the skies turn.

So it perfectly joins where the old testament ended. Orion all ways has been, the true shepherd of Anu in Mesopotamia astronomy. Later he was presented as Hercules with his 12 labours. That became Jesus the Shepherd with his 12 disciples. The 3 belt stars also called ISUS trikanda or, 3 headed spear, where the later trisula of Shiva came from. Easter Orion rises, from the cave(southern hemisphere) on passover(when sun passes back over the equator) . The new year started in spring. Return of the savior. The light that ends cold and darkness. The 4 main apostles are 4 main zodiac cross signs as can be seen in the Vatican on the 4 corners of the dome, leo bull, man and scorpio/eagle. 12 apostles 12 signs. Composition of sets of 3 in last supper painting indicating the 4 seasons. The cross in the sky or the cross as stylized version of the tree, like the Mayas had a cross like tree in the temple of the cross or on king pakals tomblid. Only they had the maize God returning at spring. More to tell on this subject but not for 1 Facebook post, I hope to write my own book one day. Astronomical allegoric stories. The catholic church is based on a solar/astronomical cult like all religions before it.

Hinduism Orion is also Shiva (Nataraja). Durga is Virgo. Nandi bull worship facing the Shiva statue. The cosmic flame and the modern cosmic shiva nataraj dancer, which is, a perfect star of david or flower of life where the statue touches the circle.

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