Religious relations with tree of life symbolism

If one looks closely at the worlds religions over the last couple of thousand years, one can distill and see how religion evolved from a common belief or source. Because people tend to stay within their own religion, they are not exposed to others enough to see that there is a common source for all religions. This would instantly place the author in the “diffusionism box”, with a belief that all cultures had some kind of relation to come up with the same religious concepts and iconography/art so then its up to the author to now further explain himself.

A golden thread of worship of the “tree” in many expressions.

This tree is a methaphore for the universe, its canopy the starry sky, the pillar of heaven, the world tree, or tree of life seen in many religions and domed religious buildings. Stylized forms are the Myan cross tree, the Christian cross and the Jeweish Menorah. The cross of 4 directions we can also see in the 4 minarets of some mosques. All religions have their roots in astronomy and worship of the universe, and follow a similar original concept of a tree and a temple in different forms. This was extended to “gods on the mountain, highest on pillar etc.”

The tree as such and the snake due it shedding of its skin, has been a metaphor for creation unfolding ever changing ever renewing, “eating itself” to generate a new creation, eating the egg, as It was also the ecliptic and intertwining paths of sun and moon, the monster devoured the sun or moon on certain days in the form of an eclipse.

  • Temple of Birthplace of Buddha, with Bodhi tree
  • Menorah in Jewish King Solomon Temple
  • Mayan world tree with bird on top, temple of the cross
  • Adam and Eve, tree in garden of Eden
  • Rosslyn chapel, apprentice pillar, stylized world tree with dragons at bottom
  • Dodona, temple of Zeus with holy oak
  • The Christian cross, a stylized form of the world tree, like the Mayan cross
  • Star Wars, force tree concept in Jedi temples

The concept of time is also seen in the godess Kali, who, in her aspect of Durga is the creator/mother and as Kali the destroyer

Quote: “What we have seen so far is that Kali personifies the unity of life and death. But can her image speak to us of the cyclical flow of time, time measured in its ever-recurring days and seasons? The answer to this question is a resounding yes. Kali is the Mother of time, the Kalamata. Her periodic renewal occurs in the dark – her name means “dark” or “black” – and her manifestation of new life can be seen in the light, together representing time as the sacred round. Not surprisingly, within the Hindu calendar, the Goddess in her light and dark aspects presides over both halves of the lunar month. The eighth day of each half-month is dedicated to her — in her form as Durga during the waxing moon and in her form as Kali during the waning moon.” Source:

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