Religious relations with tree of life symbolism

If one looks closely at the worlds religions over the last couple of thousand years, one can identify a golden thread of worship of the “tree”.

This tree is a methaphore for the universe, the world tree, or tree of life seen in many religions. It shows that all religions have their roots in astronomy and worship of the universe, and follow a similar original concept of a tree and a temple in different forms.

There is no evidence whatsoever that “praying” or religion changing the cause of nature or events in life, or has any effect whatsoever. Its mans attempt to get a sense of security in wordily events, pain and suffering, following behaviors of others in groups for a sense of belonging.

As many have stated, if there was an all benevolent god, why would that god allow so much suffering in the world. That is then blamed to the devil. Surely that god is bigger then the devil. In true reality it is more a dance of good and evil., moments of joy and suffering in a interlocked symbioses of creation and destruction. A duallity part of the same, like day and night, summer and winter. One needs to happen to feed the other.

The tree as such and the snake due it shedding of its skin, has been a metaphor for creation unfolding ever changing ever renewing, “eating itself” to generate a new creation. What is interesting though is what determines the form of the world around us. The style of buildings, clothing, what religions sustain and which ones fall, what empires rise and what empires fall. Eventually everything gets axed, only for something new to emerge from it.

Man has been here for ages, playing the game of life, so did the dinosaurs until that form became extinct. But animals, like man, have always been here, like a cog in the wheel of life in different forms to sustain it. In that light, man is just an evolved and transmuted dinosaur, or aother expression of the animal form at mercy of the wheel of time.

  • Temple of Birthplace of Buddha, with Bodhi tree
  • Menorah in Jewish King Solomon Temple
  • Mayan world tree with bird on top, temple of the cross
  • Adam and Eve, tree in garden of Eden
  • Rosslyn chapel, apprentice pillar, stylized world tree with dragons at bottom
  • Dodona, temple of Zeus with holy oak
  • The Christian cross, a stylized form of the world tree, like the Mayan cross
  • Star Wars, force tree concept in Jedi temples

The concept of time is also seen in the godess Kali, who, in her aspect of Durga is the creator/mother and as Kali the destroyer

Quote: “What we have seen so far is that Kali personifies the unity of life and death. But can her image speak to us of the cyclical flow of time, time measured in its ever-recurring days and seasons? The answer to this question is a resounding yes. Kali is the Mother of time, the Kalamata. Her periodic renewal occurs in the dark – her name means “dark” or “black” – and her manifestation of new life can be seen in the light, together representing time as the sacred round. Not surprisingly, within the Hindu calendar, the Goddess in her light and dark aspects presides over both halves of the lunar month. The eighth day of each half-month is dedicated to her — in her form as Durga during the waxing moon and in her form as Kali during the waning moon.” Source:

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