A vacation complex that doesn’t look like anything in the world, in a wild organic jungle

Today many people travel to Tulum in the Yucatan peninsula, to feel the fierce nature rhythms that are embedded in this country’s rope, a place that has such power and beauty. There is a resort that is not similar to anything we have ever seen.

The vacation complex is a resort in sculptured, in the middle of a natural jungle, literally, distance 30 minutes drive from the town of Tulum, in the Yucatan Peninsula.

The compound includes a 18,400 sqm central structure, plus three satellite structures. Together they are a 25-acre arts complex built in stages.
In front of the architecture and geometric architecture you have earned most of the residential houses today, the design that Roth architecture has given to the complex, stands out in its form and is flowing to its absolute and and the design of the modern, modern design, in fact, is creating
The compound blends in a harmonious way with the environment of azulik ah may, the city of art. There are no straight lines or sharp angles in it, but only organic forms of land it was built on.

The Architect drew the rationality in favor of feeling, emotion and organic growth like in nature. The Art of and, although they are two of the design design in this compound. The design inspired by organic growth. “the house is developing according to its users”

The process of construction is also avoided hurting the forest surrounding the house. The Finish, carefully designed in local materials, makes it a unique space of organic shapes. Inside the house wide hands, growing 250 trees, 30 of them in the bedroom. This feature comes with exceptional design for capricious, deep attention to details, with current solutions to life in the jungle, in an invasive dialogue between architecture and natural environment.

Bookings: https://www.azulik.com/

Architect: http://roth-architecture.com/

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