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My main website at is updated. I created a new logo and changed the overall style to match.

Image: My newly designed l,ogo

The logo reflects my main research subjects and is literally the (palm) crown of my quest. Its an old symbol called a “palmette” or “Antefix (acroterion)” and is a symbol of the (palm) tree of life,

This particular palmette relief design is from the Parthenon on the acropolis in Athens and as the crown of the palmtree would have sat on the roof sides or on its highest point.

Image: A reconstruction of the parhenon on the acropolis in Athens, Greece, showing the palmette at the apex. Note the double sphinxes at the edges like the egyptian Aker logo. This is a representation of the (palm) tree of life symbolism from sumeria and also relates to the lionsgate in Mycenae as on my main page photo.

The Logo was modified on an existing drawing from A handbook of Ornament by Franz Meyer (1898)

Its tree of life symbolism is identical to the symbolism of the lionsgate at Mycenae as can be seen on my homepage, and also as to this phoenician symbolism.

Griffins supporting a sacred tree Phoenician, ca. 8th century B.C., ivory, H 10.6 cm (private collection (?)

The architectural use of palm tree styling (and lotus flowers or papyrus plants) as basis for temple columns goes back to ancient Egypt. Here the Temple of Horus at Edfu.

The same design we see on the Parthenon reconstrcution, of the pillar / (palm) tree of life /Palmette flanked by gryphons can be found on Lycian Sarcophagi. In pillar form it is clear this is the design of the Lionsgate at Mycenae.

Lycian Sarcophagus
Lycian Sarcophagus
Stijn van den Hoven at the lionsgate in Mycenae, Greece, 2017

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