The story of king Pakal and the red queen tomb discovery

Both are hidden graves in meso american pyramids. This suggests more pyramids in meso america might hold such burial chambers and treasure.

King Pakal:
Quote: “No one had been able to explain why a flagstone in the center of the temple’s floor had a number of holes drilled in it. Finally Ruz noticed that the walls of the temple continued beneath the floor level, and he suddenly realized that the ancient Maya had sealed off a chamber below. Lowering the final slab into place with ropes through the drill holes, they had sealed the holes with stone plugs.”…/featu…/sarcophagus/pakals_tomb.html

Red Queen:
Quote: Temple XIII is next to the Pyramid of the Inscriptions, and much smaller in size. It is about twelve meters high, built in steps, with an external stairway leading to the top. An internal stairway led into the center of the pyramid, but it had completely collapsed and was blocked by debris. In 1973 the archeologist Jorge Acosta explored the first two levels of Temple XIII, but did not find the entrance to the burial chamber. In the spring of 1994, a young Mexican archaeologist named Fanny López Jiménez was performing routine stabilization work on a temple adjacent to the Temple of the Inscriptions. Fanny noted a small crack on the stairs, partially covered by masonry and some weeds. Using her flashlight and a mirror, she peered into a narrow passageway hidden by the stairs, that seemed to conduct to a sealed door.

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