Storm gods and Serpents

This article is a preliminary study into storm gods and serpents nemesis across cultures. So many cultures had a storm god as their main god, all of them battled a serpent.


Jaweh battled a snake, Tiamat.







Ba`al and Yam (Caanite)

Krishna overcomes Kaliya (indian)

Indra vs Vitra (Indian)

Vishnu vs Ananta-Shesha (indian) 





Tarhunt and the dragon Illuyanka (hittite)

Apep vs Ra (Egypt)





Atum and the snake Apophis

Set speared Apep

Horus (hero)  vs sobek  (Egypt) (Horus under the form of a horseman piercing a crocodile with his spear, louvre museum)






Zeus vs Typhon (Greek)






Thor vs Jörmungandr’s (Nors)

Marduk or Bel vs Tiamat (Sumerian)





Hadad vs Têmtum (Mesopotamia)

Baʿal vs Lôtān  (Canaanite /Syrian) or Tannin (Tannin is sometimes associated with Tiamat and, in modern Hebrew, the name tannin means CROCODILE)

Melqart (milqartu, tutelary god of city of phoenician city of Tyre)

Teshub (hittite) vs  Illuyanka/Heddamu (Hurian)

Taru (Hattic)

Taranis (Celtic)

Heracles/Hercules vs Hydra

Dionysus identies him with

Belus (euphrates)

Ammon (lybia)

Apis (nile)

Cronus (arabia)

Assyrian Zeus

Ser-Apis (Osiris Apis)



Delphic Apollo


The snake and phallus were symbols of Dionysus in ancient Greece, and of Bacchus in Greece and Rome.[72][73][74] He typically wears a panther or leopard skin and carries a Thyrsus – a long stick or wand topped with a pine cone. His iconography sometimes include maenads, who wear wreaths of ivy and serpents around their hair or neck.[75][76][77]



St. Michael / George and the Dragon







Jaweh vs Levithian Hebrew)








Hydra vs Hercules (Greek)





Dragon vs St. George (Europe, this particularly in st. mark square, Venice)






Imdugud vs Ninurta  (Sumeria)

Balaur vs Făt-Frumos (Romanian)

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