The cruciform tombs of the Zapotec in Mitla

I learned today about these cross tombs, from an article from Dee Olson mentioning Marco M. Vigato and decided to read up on these and make a post on it to see what I could find online on it.
Latest update 3/2020 The tombs have been located again.
Over the past century, the location of this mysterious tomb has apparently been lost.
The architectural style appears similar to that of the megalithic tombs of Mitla and vicinity, although on an even grander and more monumental scale.
More pictures and a description of similar tombs at Mitla can be found following the link below leading to his blog.
The general workmanship of the stones, including the quality of their cutting, fitting and jointing, makes them one of the most extraordinary testimonies of megalithic architecture in Mesoamerica.
This is even more mysterious in a region usually considered as lacking significant vestiges of megalithic or other “cyclopean” construction, which are more frequently associated with the Andean region of Peru and South America. Even more so if one considers that all these structures were allegedly built without the aid of metal tools and with just the most primitive stone implements.
Local legends describe these structures as the work of the Gods, a foreign race who came in ancient times to bring civilization to these lands and then vanished. Could this be just another forgotten site of the global megalithic civilization?
Picture the ruined Hacienda Xaaga with tomb below it. (by Marco M. Vigato /pictured)
The best sources on this is this early document
Which was later revised:
Also a brief resume of these explorations has been published in the
‘American Anthropologist,’ New Series, Vol. I, No. 2, I899.’ which can be found online here:
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3 thoughts on “The cruciform tombs of the Zapotec in Mitla”

  1. Marco M. Vigato

    Hi Stijn,

    Great post and thanks for referencing my research. I am happy to announce that the long lost tomb of Xaaga (or Guiaroo, depending on the source) has been succesfully located and is still as intact as it appeared in the original 1924 paper. I haven’t been able to publish details of the tomb’s re-discovery for lack of time, but I will soon publish a short article about the tomb including recent pictures and GPS coordinates.

    Marco M. Vigato

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