Chaac as Makara

An extension of my ongoing Makara research, showing its appearance in  american cultures. The paper can be read and downloaded here.

This below is an extension that will be added later.

I discovered that the Chaac face is infact also a Makara. It uses 3 Makaras to create a similar 2d and 3d image. Beautifully constructed as such into 1 “face” that adorns the Aztec temples showing again the extreme importance of the Makara in the Aztec culture.

To be continued.

Besides the genius composition of the above artwork, there is a second point of interest.  In indian makara bracelets there is a jewel in between the two makaras. If you look closely at the chaac image above, its forward pointing nose can actually be perceived as the jewel between the two Makaras.

I have pointed out before the similarities between indian Makara bracelets and the Aztec calender. The makara as such played a crucial role in meso american civilization.

Another depiction of two makaras facing each other. This time at the site of Quirigua.

Moche Makara Note the curled snout

Due to its composite image of the curled snout this specific images can not be brushed of as jungian archetypes since its not an existing animal but a composite creature.

The Makara is related to the milkyway, which will be explained further in an upcoming book on this very subject.

Other related images for future reference.

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