A riddle, how do the following images relate to each other?

Image: Hercules (Orion) shaking hands with Nimrod

Image: Seraphis (Orion)  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guimet_Museum

Orion as Hercules the spring constellation. Underneath lepus, the “easter bunny” https://www.davidrumsey.com/luna/servlet/detail/RUMSEY~8~1~231322~5508810?qvq=q:Pub_List_No=%226900.000%22;sort:Pub_List_No_InitialSort,Pub_Date,Pub_List_No,Series_No;lc:RUMSEY%7E8%7E1&mi=2&trs=25


Crab constellation /  Scarab

Taurus Constellation (Hathor)

Easter bunny (lepus)


All these icons are related to the stars. Scarab is crab constellation, Hathor is Taurus, The easter bunny is Lepus under Orion and of course Orion is Hercules. You see king Nimrod shaking hands with Hercules. Orion was the spring constellation long way back hence it important role in fertility of the land. (the well known “Green Man”, reason why osiris is green and pakal had a jade green mask, colour of nature)

The hare, under it was UN in Egypt, hence the slovak eagle god Per-UN house of the hare. (a bird like Hor-us, or the Hero Her-Cules/Her-A-Cles) The hare Sek-hat /Sek-hat-or was another name for Osiris, as Osiris was also Orion.

If you follow the red line of the path of the sun, you will see a few things, it will sit between the legs of the crab (scarab) and between the horns of the bull. What not many people know is that is also sits on the tip of Orions club, hence it becomes, “the torch bearer” or statue of liberty, Olympic torch, light bringer etc etc as spring brought the light/ These days Orion sits in winter, (Which I suspect makes him father Christmas in his solar “sleigh” , instead of a solar chariot of gods of old)

The deer is related to the lunar mansion Rohini which is close. Hence you see Krishna /Shiva , like Santa, also always with a deer. (The peacock I have described in one of my other blog posts)

All gods came from the same stable namely the signs in the sky. Next time you visit the Cerne Abbas giant with his big phallus, you know it was because of fertility of the land and the constellation of “the giant”

Article by Stijn van den Hoven / www.stijnvandenhoven.com

The Cerne giant (orion/fertility)

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