The Greek “pyramids”

Definitely on the “go back there” wishlist is Argos with its Mycenean ruins, next to the Latium province of Italy as I didnt have time for the “greek pyramids”. I explored the greek pyramid with google maps, checking if it had a north south alignment (which it didn’t) and the angles and overall shape of it.

It seemingly has a rectangular base and might not yield a true pyramid but that needs further investigation. Its position on a hill and the fact that it could be seen from the see as seen in the attached pictures might definitely be or interest to its intended usage. Apparently one of the passages lined up with orion rising, An astronomical orientation of the long entrance corridor was found related to the rise of Orion’s belt occurring in c. 2000-2400 BC. What also was interesting is, that again, a church was build straight next to it on these premisses, perhaps hiding some other ruins in exact same orientation, which, is weird since a church usually aligns perfectly to cardinal points. Instead, it does align to Mycenean citadel as a way marker when drawn as a line.

Google maps:…/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x149ffc…

Drone Footage:

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