Monuments marking mountains and stars

Cultural astronomy has also helped shed light on 6,000-year-old passage graves – a type of tomb consisting of a chamber of connected stones and a long narrow entrance – in Portugal.

Archaeologist Fabio Silva has shown how views from inside the tombs frame the horizon where the star Aldebaran rises above a mountain range.

We see this “framing” and importance of certain mountains or volcano’s at more pyramids.

Like the largest known pyramid in the world in meso America , “Cholula”, there is also in Bali clear link to the primordial mountain / Volcano and the pyramid. The “Tryptich” is here displayed in the form on 3 towers and has a solar reference in my opinion. Yet there is a pacific ocean in between these so called unrelated cultures. If you have been following me, I do not agree with that. This is just another little piece of evidence to show they had similar reasons to build their temples, in my opinion the primordial mountain.

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Cholula pyramid is build in front of a mountain

as the Pura Penataran temple marks a volcano:

These are across the pacific from each other but point to a similar “religion” or worship of the volcano or mountain or stars behind it.

The “mountain” as such always has been prominent in cultures, whether mount Zion, mount Olympus, mount Meru, noahs ark mountain, moses mountain or otherwise.




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