Gopro or Mobile Vlogging

Joby Gorillapod Zoom Tripod:
Sunpak Handheld Stabilizer:
Cam Caddie Universal Mount For GoPro:
Lume Cube GoPro Mounting Bar:
GoPro 3.5mm Mic Adapter:
Rechargable Light:
Universal Horseshoe Adapter:
MyCharge Adventure Portable Battery Charger:
Rode Video Micro (microphone):

1. GoPro 6 or cell phone (iphone X/Samsung S9+)
2. PULUZ for GoPro HERO6 Toughened Glass Lens + LCD 

2. Rode Videomic micro Me / Videomic micro

The Videomic Me can also be used on cellphones. The Videomic micro comes with a shoe stand and cable while the Videomic me doesn’t (sad story) Both come with the deadcat. The Videomic me might plug directly into the Gopro mic adapter. So if you want to use both on Gopro and phone, you either have to buy both or live with just the Videomic Me and use it like that. The Videomic me also has a rear 3.5 connector for a ligtning to mic adapter to use on an iPhone. No ligtning versions only available as yet or direct usb C to plug in straight into a gopro with a mic adapter



3. GoPro Mic adapter

You need this bulky dongle unfortunately to connect an external mic to a GoPro 6. No way around it was yet.

4. A handheld gimbal

Numerous options are available. For mobile these are the winners:

1. Zhiyun-Tech Smooth 3 Professional 3-Axis Handheld Stabilizer for Smartphone

2. Removu S1

5. A stabilizing plate

For the cellphone gimbals you needs a stabilizing plate as the gopro is heavy and it puts to much strain on the motors:

6. An aluminium housing perhaps with a possibility for a hot shoe adapter:

Or a GoPro supersuit dpending on your needs and protection options.


7. A dual battery charger maybe


8. Extra batteries


9. High capacity SD cards


10. Rode SC7 patch cable if you buy the Rode Videomicro Me version (as not included, only in Rode Videomicro with the stabilizing hot shoe harness)


11. IR vision

Depending on your needs there are also nightvision lenses available from Ragecams ( For best use of these you need an IR illuminator and you can’t use these during the day when modded.

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