History of religion

HISTORY OF RELIGION: Once there where Animals/Plants- People started agriculture and needed to measure time – They started using stars to measure time for planting/breeding – Then they started naming constellations to keep easier track of groups of stars – Magi or priest astronomers added constellations and made these into stories of people/gods/demigods to track the rotation of stars into a year (Demeter going into underworld/below horizon) – Naming main god their spring constellation/fertility of the land Osiris/vegetation god/Orion/Hercules the giant – For ego and control learned priest/kings identifying themselves with the constellation/god in sky as reincarnation of god on earth on top of temples fooling unschooled people with these stories as them being men of god. Changing to the single man in the sky, forgetting about what the stories/allegories actual where for (the stories where classified as Myths) – There was a god in the sky and a devil in the underworld, two opposite constellations summer and winter respectively. Also creating stories about Easter bunny (Lepus, the hare at spring , with its eggs as hare and eggs is fertility. The Egyptian PER hare glyph, which was another name for Osiris (orion) and later came Santa Claus with his reindeer (deer lunar mansion Mrigashira with Rohini aldebaran as red nose) which now sits in winter due to precession) having a bible with 12 apostles/12 zodiac/4 main evangelist/corners of the zodiac signs and the sun Jesus and nobody knows what it means any more – The main spring constellation became a single main god (Jesus resurrects at spring) – And a single god – numerous cultures telling same story related to astronomy but nobody knows its true meaning any more – People forgetting about why temples where build with encoded timekeeping in it or cross as tree of life. – Stijn van den Hoven

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