Texts from Antoine Gigal Lecture

TEXTS Antoine Gigal Lecture Megalithomania South Africa for further research

– Al Biruni 973AD
– ibn Abdel alhokim (akbar Ezzeman Manuscript, kept at oxford) Pharao Saurid, learned of flood and build pyramid to protect knowledge and population  UNDER it.

– Papyrus of Abu Hormeis – in coptic, translated in arabic in 822, a copy of olders docs explains that before a great flood the king saurid built the great pyramid to save the
population UNDER it.

– Book of the celestial cow – has a flood chapter title is history of the destruction of humanity

– Book of the ritual/ Book of the revelation – Story of a boat, an ark saving soulds it was the ark boat of the god Nnu. Nnu, nun, is called the lord of the flood in tutmosis III inscription in Luxor

– Chapter 64, book of the death (book to come to light of the day) Sir wallis budge says its coming forth by day from the subterranean world. Flood castrophy


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