Moving big stones

“High tech cranes” or “alien spaceships” are not needed to move big rocks.  Sheer manpower, sleds (with water poured in front to reduce friction), elephants and long earth ramps can do a lot.

Even canals, like present in Cambodia at Angkor what and boats take little animals to move heavy stuff.

Yet Baalbek with its large stones, and uneven surfaces still raises questions to how these where quarried and later moved.


Also for example Machu Picchu at altitude provides issue for getting stones up as more site sin Peru that are on mountain sides.

Could the ancients perhaps “make stones” using alchemy like our cement besides the obvious quarrying?

That certainly would explain a lot, yet in our age we still can’t poor granite artificially or make other hard rocks they used easily. Also obvious cut marks are seen and ‘melted like rocks’ straight through pebbles like with a diamond saw as seen here in Mycenae Greece.


Those questions still remain unanswered.



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