Holes in the Sphinx, hidden chambers or robbers tunnels?

The following images of the head hole/tunnel and the back shaft/tunnel need to be saved to show there are numerous entrances into the interior sphinx.


Vivant Denon’s sketch of the sphinx in 1798 depicts a man being pulled out of the head of sphinx.


The head hole. scaffolding may 1990


There is also something below the right ear:



And there is a compartment behind the dream stele where Hawass has been seen in.



And next to the sphinx an alledged robbers tunnel:



Behind the dream stele:


Shaft the back of the Sphinx and the video of it. 2009 video with mark lehner.

There are first hand accounts of water running under the sphinx like a river. Seen from the top of the sphinx down.

Another account from a harvard professor of archeology is the 1920 is of extreem further interest.

Even though such claims of inside temples, from the oldest photo’s of the sphinx, one can see it was in a sorry state, far from what we see today, which is reconstruction of the last 100 years. The sphinx was cracked in half at the back with deep fishers going to the other side. Easily seen by the shadows in these old pictures. High res image for you to check/zoom: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/ab/%27Le_Sphinx_Armachis%2C_Caire%27_%28The_Sphinx_Armachis%2C_Cairo%29.jpg


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