The universal religion of the world

This post hopes to explain to an extent religion and its relations to astronomy and constellations, the passing of time and the universe itself as “god”.

The cross layout of the churches is astronomy representing the ecliptic path of the sun and its symbolical death every winter and its resurrection in easter, which was in those time the start of the new year. Spring, when the light returned.

The easter bunny

Under orion we find Lepus the hare, this is the origin of the “easter bunny”. The hare being a fertility symbol and eggs as well (hares dont lay eggs) is symbolic for the regeneration of the land.

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The light bearer, orion as spring constellation.

“The son of god”, is in front of the triptych doors on ground level, in the form of the statues Prometheus, he who “stole the light of the gods for mankind”.  Around him the band of constellations.

Hercules/orion/prometheus was the model of the torchbearer the collusus of rhodes. The torchbearer gets explained here:

Specifically of relevance is the flame. The return of the light in spring. Note how this image of Shiva also carries the flame.

The Cerne Abbas giant is in fact, the only “giant” in the sky, Namely orion. Remember the story of Jack and the beanstalk?

With its huge phallas, again a link to fertility.

Archeological findings have found he had something around his arm.

Cerne Abbas Giant - Wikipedia


That is of extreme relevance. In 1979, a resistivity survey was carried out, and together with drill samples, confirmed the presence of the lion-skin.[76] Another resistivity survey in 1995 also found evidence of a cloak and changes to the length of the phallus. Hene suggestions where made that he depicted orion /hercules. and this does make very much sense in light of what is told here.

Below we see the image of Orion with its nemean lion skin.

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Orion is the original “green man” as it is in spring that the land becomes green.


The Olympics, the torch bearer, the Kurds celebrating Newros new year in spring with torches or Belgium  candle parades, all comes from this.

Even the colossus of Rhodes and statue of liberty is related although the statue of liberty might be Virgo with her wheat stalk touching the ecliptic becoming a torch.  Selene, the moon godess also had a torch as symbol. There are also links to Virgo with her wheat stalk and next to leo, as many ancient female warrior godesses are displayed with a lion.

The ever continuing battle between light and darkness, the sun and the moon and the central equilibrium or sunrise and dawn, which in our seasons is spring and autumn, and equal division of the day in light and darkness. Dawn, Dusk Spring and Autumn are the embodiment of  balance between light and darkness.

In modern culture movies like starwars, the balance of “the force”. The yin and yang in other cultures. Star wars even incorporated the “force tree” in their last movie, a reference to the “temple tree” or “tree of life” of many cultures as mentioned later.

The importance of Prometheus at the bottom and the staff deity at the top is significant as to me this is related to Orion and the sun.  Adam(Hercules) and God(Zeus) respectively, or in star form, ophiucius and orion. Next to Ophiucius we find aquila the eagle of zeus. But as you can see there are many layers the same symbolism is expressed.

The Rockefeller building, is in itself is a modern “pyramid” or “world pillar”, where in this case the sungod sits on top just like shiva sits on top of the world pillar. The tryptich door represents the left and right, asuras and devas, day and night cycle, two forces of the universe, etc etc.

It is no coincidence that Prometheus is seen in front of the Rockefeller building with a band of constellations. Prometheus, the torch bearers is the later Hercules with his club, but also Osiris, the green man, the maize god and many others as a spring constellation, when the lands turned green again. Green the colour of rebirth.  Seth his counterpart, like nepthys is the counterpart of isis.

Osiris as sun or light is also related to the constellation of Orion. Why? Because he was the spring constellation back in the day together with Taurus, while LEO and virgo ruled mid summer. Later, Osiris became “god of the underword” as the constellation went under the horizon in the other half of the year. Osiris is also known as WIZR. This is where our wizard comes from. He was put in a pillar, just like merlin the wizard, was put in “the trunk of a tree”. This is allegorical and related to the imaginary sky tree or pillar. This is why you see wizards carved in trees.

One other thing is important to note in all this. For example you see Shiva with a bull and Durga with a lion. This in my opinion goes all the way back to Ptah (bull) with the consort Sekmeth, the proto lion warrior female. Wether these are relations to the sun and the moon ( or the constellations Orion and Virgo respectively that needs further studies to what was first. Likely the sun and the moon. 

Orion and Taurus and Virgo and Leo respectively in constellation terms, but also the day and night cycle in form of sun (lions manes) and moon (bulls horns) The lion and bull are of great importance. Especially the crescent of the bulls horns, its relation to fertility and the lions manes as a sun symbol.  In ancient days, the sun was female and the moon was a male god, this has shifted in later ages where the sun became male,  but the symbolism is still there.

This also explains why the great mother godess like cybele was seen flanked by lions, as LEO was the summer constellation and the lion thus related to the female whilst the bull was related to the male. Ishtar , Astarte, Cyble, Durga, Brittania all are depicted with lions. Durga and the British Brittania are identical in depictions complete with trident. The lions originate from the summer constellation leo and the two aker lions. These lions where later exchanged by two snakes on the sundisk in relation to the female sun or day cycle. Hence Durga is white and Shiva is blue (dark/brown)  We also see this lion bull symbolism in Persepolis Iran. The particular building symbolizes all ethnic groups paying taxes to the king of the persian empire. They where allowed to keep their religion as long as they paid their taxes and paid the persian rules was explained to me. The spring date to pay those taxes, 21 march for the new year, starting at spring in ancient days. In persepolis we see again bull and lion lamassus statues and we also see this bull and lion symbolism.

A few images to illustrate the above.

If you look at the above symbolism Now these two towers, the old symbolism of the two mountains with the sun in the middle (or the bulls horns with the sun in between the horns)  is very old and is in my opinion related to this below. 

The aker lions are sometimes replaced by two snakes,  these are symbols of the ecliptic and the sundisk itself from Egypt with the two snakes evolved eventually in the caduceus and  also into the Chinese dragons with the flaming pearl, all the way to the two snakes we see on the ball hoop of the Mayan ballcourt and still around the staff of bishops. Yes the catholic church is laced in astronomy symbolism. 

the Chinese with their bixi turtle and the Mayan had the same COMBINATION OF SYMBOLS if there was no relation by a connecting cultural exchange? Something that is ridiculed by academics.

The two dragons at the top of the bixi turtle (at the most prestigious academic institute Harvard), with the circle or sun is identical symbolism to the two encircled snake/dragons of the Maya on the El tajin relief.



The same makaras/snakes dragons are also seen on pakals tomblid tree and are generally accepted symbolism for the ecliptic.




or the sun and moon by the staff deity, or, hero defeating the serpent, where the serpent is the female aspect. The dual serpents refer to isis and nepthys around the sundisk, or “medusas snake hair” Medusa with snake hair, is nothing more than the disk with snakes. The two snakes are  a reference to duality of opposites.  Eye of Ra and eye of Re, left brain right brain, sun/moon, male/female, night/day, summer/winter, birth/death etc etc.

This becomes also clear in the pyramid texts.

“Ascend and descend; descend with Nephthys, sink into darkness with the Night-bark. Ascend and descend; ascend with Isis, rise with the Day-bark.”

Pyramid Text Utterance 222 line 210.

Sometimes we also see goat symbolism for capricorn (winter) or the Makara symbolism on budhas shoulders in the east which is also related to capricorn and the winter solstice as highlighted in my Makara research paper. I have a few other blogpost on the tree of life symbolism that can be found here where I write on these subjects specifically.

The double mountain symbolism with the sun in the middle is a recurring theme in ancient cultures, either displayed as two mountains with the sungod or the sun in the middle or with two lions and a pillar. Sometimes these two mountains are also seen as “the breast of Aphrodite” or “the paps of anu”

If the two mountains are seen as breast of the earth mother, the sun matching up with the temple at certain dates is the union of the skyfather and the earth mother as earth was seen as a mother as well.

But in general the two pillars, obelisk or pylons of the temple are the female and male aspect, the sun and the moon, day and night, the lion and the bull.

In crete we see bulls horns with the sun in the middle. (as taurus passed ecliptic during spring) Called the horns of consecretion.

You can see why the sun sat in between the bulls hors (at spring) as it follows the path of the ecliptic.

Look closeley on the top of the rockefeller buildings top and also there also find this symbol of the “fertility rose” related to the sun.

The solar relation becomes clear as in instead of a solar disk, a rosette was used. The rosette was used in Sumeria and Egypt, here on the breast of an ancient statue. This would make sense of if the sun was female and related to a green land in summer. Remember also Hathor, the original mother bull cow godess was female.

The Cretan bull shows the rosette as the sun.

And on a sumerian wrist

Also with the Hitites

The bull with the disk of the sun, Hathor in Egypt.

And of course in cathedrals.

The towers are “the two mountains” , obelisks or the front “two hills” of the Egyptian temple. We can even see the sun rosette window in the middle of cathedrals.

Old temples marked the annual path of the sun. (who dies every year on the cross of the ecliptic) Note that Egyptian temples had two obelisks in front and would frame the sun in between it. The cathedral is exactly those two pillars, mountains etc, Just like the two obelisks on the top of the Rockerfeller building “framing the sungod” or the two mountains, with the sun in the middle.

The very front of an Egyptian temple is those two mountains we see in the earlier symbolism, they where called Manu and Bakhu in the symbol sign for “mountain” (djew) and that for “horizon” (akhet) . The sun, gets framed in between these “mountains” at solstice or equinox.

In another representation we see a headrest for the pharao. Here, the pharaos head is equated with the sun in the middel with the two aker lions flanking him.

This is shu holding the sky and the later ‘atlas”

Pay special attention to the sundisk with the two snakes there on the Edfu temple front. This is of extreme importance understanding the symbolism of the two snakes, or two animals flanking in later art and thus also to the triptych symbolism. As allready mentioned in the pyramid text, here is a direct inscription on the two pylon towers.

Quote: In an inscription at Edfu the pylon towers are, in fact, specifically referred to as the goddesses Isis and Nephthys “…who raise up the sun god who shines on the horizon.” The statue of the sun god was thus sometimes displayed to the people from the terrace between the towers, and the term for this “appearance”, khaai, was the same as that used for the rising of the sun over the horizon.


This then also gives an explanation to the two snakes seen around the sundisk as seen in below picture. Two opposites and the day night cycle. To prove further that this is directly related to the previously mentioned aker symbol of the two lions and also to the djed pillar of heaven and tree of life, I like to present this artifact, which, is a cross between mycenean and egyptian symbolism. It has the rampant lions,  the djed pillar (like the mycenan lions gate) but also has the two snakes in opposite symbolism further proving these relations.


Schachtel mit Elfenbeinintarsien

Mittleres Bronzezeitalter II (um 1650-1550 v.Chr.)
Holz (moderne Nachbildung) mit Elfenbeinintarsien
H 13,5 cm, W 10,5 cm, T 15,5 cm
Tabaqat Fahl/Pella, nördliches Jordantal

The ivories decorating this box were excavated in 1984. The wood of the box had decayed but it was possible to reconstruct it from the positions of the ivories upon discovery, and by comparisons to contemporary Egyptian boxes. The main panel on the lid has two lions with their paws on the heads of two intertwined disc the cobras. Above is the winged sun symbol of the Egyptian god Horus, while the sides have inlays in the form of the Eye of Horus. Next to the knob for closing the box is a viper snake. The free use of the Egyptian symbols, however, indicates that the carver was not Egyptian. The box is probably a product of Syro-Palestinian coast, noting that a species of small elephants was native to Syria up to the first millennium BC.

If you know where the symbolism of the myceanan came from, the above piece is a beautifull piece showing an “intermediate period” where the great godess or universe was depicted as a pillar, or tree of life flanked by lions.

Nephthys is paired with Set, a God of dark moods and dark reputation and associated with Upper Egypt, while Isis is paired with the benevolent God Osiris and connected to Lower Egypt. Hence the respective crowns on the snakes.  We also see left eye of RE and right eye of Ra. Note here also the third eye symbolism in the middle under the ram horn crown of Atef, linked to Osiris.

The two pylons, two mountains or two ladies.

So what happens during solstices.. The sun sits between “the two mountains”! Just like shamash (utu) in Sumerian depictions. Note the lions on top of the flags.

The “sungod” sitting on the throne flanked by lions (leo). Sun in the middle of the throne.  This later gave rise to the Mycenean pillar with two lions I suspect.

Aten (or Aton) was the disk of the sun in ancient Egyptian mythology. Shamash or Utu was the Sumerian equivalent. The twin sister of Utu was Innana,  asociated with the planet Venus.

Venus, was directly related and monitored in calenders and crops (and thus fertility) Venus gives you an exact account related to crops because of its visibility in certain times around agricultural dates.

The two snakes, ISIS and NEPTHYS, the two sisters consort of osiris, or the left and right pylon of the Egyptian temple, stand for the day and night bark or cycle.

This design was the basis for Egyptian temples, christian cathedrals, two pillars (of heaven, mostly sun and moon), two towers, two obelisks, with the sun in between.

The cathedrals is a direct copy of the Egyptian temple with obelisks and sun (rosette window) in the middle.

Hindu temples have similar alignments with the sun yet the design is different in 3 towers, middle being the highest.Also there we find the Triptych doors. The sun rises on the middle tower/door during spring/autumn equinoxes.

This is the basis for the triptych doors and the god in the middle door symbolism of capturing the sungod in between the two pillars, as seen on the rockerfeller building or viracocha on the gate of the sun. Or revering the specific constellation during spring which was Hercules/Orion or viraocha etc etc.

Snakes and eagles

This even extends to the eagle and the snake symbolism. The sky / sun for a flying eagle and the snake for the crawling reptile, the earth and female aspect. The snake has been identified with fertility and rebirth. Historically, serpents and snakes represent fertility or a creative life force.

As snakes shed their skin through sloughing, they are symbols of rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing. The ouroboros is a symbol of eternity and continual renewal of life. Also the milkyway was associated with a snake.

The minoan godess with the snakes or the sungod holding snakes. (ophicius) or the sungod batteling with the snake.

Together they form the union of sky and earth , male and female and day and night as can be seen in the flag of mexico and in Garuda in India

It is said that the Aztec sundisk has the sun in the middle.

Quote Wikipedia: “In the center of the monolith is the face of the solar deity, Tonatiuh,[7] which appears inside the glyph for “movement” (Nahuatl: Ōllin), the name of the current era. The central figure is shown holding a human heart in each of his clawed hands, and his tongue is represented by a stone sacrificial knife (Tecpatl).”

I have to disagree with that explanation and rather call her mother universe,.

We see the two “snakes” or makara’s in this case on the disk of the sun on each side of the circle, the hero twins in the mouth, the day and night cycle and the sun and the moon respectively.

We also see two creatures each side of the head. These are not hands holding harts as described on wikipedia but more likely two panters or snakes

So if it is not a “sun disk” then what is it… who is the middle figure?

The aztec “sundisk” holds the figure of the great mother universe) The two makaras on either side are the day and night cycle respectively in my opinion, just like in Egypt.

Specifically note the pose of her “dismembered body”

There are direct paralells between Greek and Mayan culture in plain sight. as pointed out by Richard cassaro who made the connection between the Gorgon and the Aztec central figure head based on the sticking out of the tongue. But that would not be enough to convince many.

The Gorgon as depicted on the western pediment from the Artemis Temple of Corfu. Note the flanking lions and the exact position she is displayed in exactly the same as Coyolxauhqui.

Note the sticking out tongue and the snake head. Also of great importance her is the flanking lions again, always flanking the mother godess. (cybele, Aker symbolism etc)

Richard also identified the use of the  Bindi or third eye dot across the world across cultures.
In below observations I extend his relations of Medusa to the Aztec face to Kali/Kala and Kirtimukha, the temple face, which is also called Kala, time itself .
He did mention the temple faces seen in Mayan and Balinese architecture, yet in my opinion the Gorgon Medusa and Kali is the same figure as Kirtimukha or the temple face as that is also known as Kala (time).  I try to show why it links to the later Siren, due to the makaras/snakes and greek gorgon Medusa with further arguments here below.
I also go deeper into the specific snake symbolism of Medusa and the gorgons. Besides recognizing his work, these particular images and relations mentioned by me, have not been mentioned by him of shown in this context and is my unique work. It does however strengthen his initial observations of a global cultural exchange of cultural concepts, to which I also agree.
The tear form shown on bindi om this “medusa” figure from a vase is here quite obvious and undeniable as a match to Kali complete with a “third eye”, in Greece on numerous different depictions. She is also related to “the mistress of the animals or mother godess”
We even see the swastika symbol, also of Indian origins in this context on the medusa plate.  Revolving skies, or the swastika symbol with its four directions, is time itself.
The greek Medusa = the Indian gorgon Kali/Kala or time and the central figure on the Aztec Calender, also observed by Richard. But there are more reasons why this is the same symbol besides just a figure that sticks out their tongue.
The Makaras or devoured snakes / mermaid legs and snake symbolism of Medusa play a big role in this. As you can see, the third eye Bindi symbol was known in Greece as well and unmistakeably the same figure as Kali.
If you look closely you see the two snakes on the side of the central Aztec head, falsely identified as “hands holding harts”/ We see the same figure with these snakes on the side of the heads in the classic master/mistress of the animals pose.
That is because the gorgon and the mistress of the animals are exchangeable / interlinked and the same iconography as we see in the greek plate of Medusa and on the temple freeze where she is flanked by the two lions usually associated with the mistress of the animals and the mother godess Cybele.
The image of the Kirtimukha, also known as KALA, (like Kali, Time) later gradualy morphed into the Melusine and the Siren / starbucks logo seen in churches all over Europe. The eyes of Kirtimukha became the breast of the siren.
We clearly see there the two Makara’s just like I pointed out on the Aztec calender in my research paper. This central godesss symbolism is the basis of the Mistress of the animals symbolism, that originated in the Sundisk with the two snakes as we see in Egypt. All of this is the same symbolism expressed in different forms. The expression seems to indicate time itself, the mother goddess that devours her own children. The Inca portraits also show a red dot on the forehead and the two snakes.
Similar concepts with “snake legs” as seen in the medusa depiction are seen in the scythian godess Tabiti-Hestia and the scythian godess Apa, that just as Kali, carry a head.

The snakes are the same two snakes as seen on the cadaceus or the two snakes seen on the Egyptian sundisk, the day and night cycle. Those are the “snake legs”. of the “godess”

The aztec links
The Aztec godess coatlicue/Coyolxauhqui is another similar representation of Kali/Medusa/Gorgon, thus cultural similarities start to occur not only between aztec and the greek civilization as Richard discovered, yet what has to be included is the indian civilization and the egyptian civilization. Because egypt is so old and things are depicted slightly different these links could initialy not been made if you dont know what you are looking at exactly.
The duality is even seen in the dual headed snake godess in the Tiuhanacu culture. The right figure in the statue is the dual snake head goddess, we see in later aztec art whlilst the left figure is the opposite the male in that duality of forces. Anyone can agree this symbolism is very similar if pointed out to you.
I allready showed in my Makara paper, the links between the indian civilization and the meso american civilziation, adding here the cultural ties between egypt and greece in sharing similar concepts of day and night cycles, duality and sun and moon, represented in similar ways by the great mother demon, the sun and its snakes and showing how the flanking lions related to the mother godess not only in cybele but have their root in the aker symbolism and the sun as initial female gender.
These similar concepts transcended oceans and can not be attributed or brushed of as simple “Jung archetypes” and question the very relations of ancient world cultures.

On the triptych doors:

Besides Richard Cassaro’s explantion of the god self on a macro cosmos level,  “The triptych doors/symbolism or temple towers are directly related to the path of the sun, left small door being winter solstice, middle doors autumn and spring equinox and right door winter solstice. Hence during spring equinox the middle tower or middle way of the temple or tip of the middle tower was illuminated by the sun.

That is also why you see Viracocha on the gate of the sun in Tiahuanaco and on top of the Rockefeller building, as that is the constellation equated with god in ancient times due to its position at the time at solstice.  – Stijn van den Hoven / November 2017″

So the church rebuild the astronomical religion of the ancient cultures, like Egypt and Mythraism and moulded that astronomical knowledge into a new “religion” called Christianity.

Quote: The Temple of the Sun at Dzibilchaltun in Yucatan, Mexico. The sun has risen on the spring equinox. On this day the Temple of the Sun frames exactly the rising sun.Source: (Image Credit: Jim Spadaccini, Ideum) 

The triptych and the sungod as such can be seen all the way back in gate of the sun in Tiahuanaco in Viracocha and at the back the 3 doors symbolism. Note also the indentations forming together a triangle/pyramid.

This further becomes clear at the rear where the tryptich symbolism is clearly visible. This is exactly the same symbolism we find back in the rockefeller building but also in masonic lodges with the 3 chairs and the two pillars on the opposite side. The rockefeller building took this ancient gate as inspiration for a modern pyramid. The Sky scraper.

We can also see this triptych in  a later version in Leonardo da Vinci’s painting. This has been pointed out by others and is the work of Richard Cassaro although he never gave an explanation of the 3 doors being a sun calender of the sun travelling to the bottom of the earth and back passing the equator (is centre door spring/autumn) where they days are equally long in light and darkness.

So one can see this astronomical “religion” has travelled the world under different names.

The Hindu temples of the east are no different to the European cathedrals, Egyptian temples, the Jewish temple of king Solomon, freemasonry, in symbolism and meaning. What is worshipped is the universe personified as a “creator” or “grand architect”.

The message and concept of god, the universe as creator, preserver and destroyer just expressed in a different way and if by that, we are all talking about the same, creation itself, why should one fight one other to make their religion the main religion?

One should perhaps strive to unify these beliefs into a new “religion” and educate the world on the origins and true meanings of these cultural expressions of pyramids, temples and churches, as all of these are based on this knowledge of astronomy and time itself yet sold to the people in vague veiled stories where constellations and astronomical concepts are hidden in myths and personified constellations, only to be understood by a select few at this stage.

In our age, or at least in 100 years or so, Taurus rules mid summer and Aquarius is present in spring, in the northern hemisphere that is.

Ophiucius used to carry two snakes, Caleb and Kaput. Snakes, or lightning bolts are exchangeable as lightning are snakes in the sky. The  worldwide seen “staff deity” is the storm god, god of thunder, known under many names. The constellation Ophiucius.

To me Ophiucius is this is the origin of the “staf god” or god of thunder or solar deity. Ophiucius rose before the stormy season.

Its the same figure as Samson in the bible who “pulled down the pillars of the temple” just symbolic for the changing of the constellations in the sky and the staff deity on top of the rockefeller building.


The masonic lodge as a miniature “solomons temple” can be seen from the top as a circle. We see the Triptych chairs and the two pillars on the other side.One pillar has the sun and the other one the moon. Besides night and day, sun and moon (male and female pillars), it can also be seen in the form of a zodiacal circle from the top and a miniature of the universe.

Astronomy was captured in temple buildings and later masonic halls, where the master of the lodge occupied the central chair. (or central door) the door of the sun itself on equinox.

Mason circumbating the lodge, as the sun themselves through the seasons.The blazing star the polestar and the Jewish Menorah a stylized tree of life, worshipped in the temple like budhist worship the bodhi tree and christians the christmass tree, yet these cultures dont see the relations they actually have in doing so and still see themselves as “having different religions”

Image result for freemason chair

A classic lodge, two pillars, 3 chairs. This specific symbolism of meaning full lodge layout is dwindling, just like now any building is used as a “church” (and missing the cross layout, the triptych and two towers as Boaz and Jachin pillars)

Churches in europe had their shape for a reason, because of the symbolism that was encoded in it. Clear symbolism and rules for its construction needs to be adhered to to convey and carry on the message. But that symbolism is what perhaps is lost or is being deliberately “phased out” to keep the masses in the dark.

There was a reason for the specific church and lodge layouts and Leonardo da Vinci’s composition of the last supper, in my opinion this was because of astronomy.

I even dare to say that like the church, not many modern masons know why they do the 33 degrees, (the sun has a 33 year solar cycle.) or why they circumbate the lodge, the true meaning of the double headed eagle or even the US seal which I investigated in this article.

They merely focus on executing the rituals whilst its meaning have been lost in time.

One sees an erosion of knowledge happening to the true meaning of cross layout churches. and the specific layout of lodges and such temples and its origins in the astronomical meanings of such buildings.

The original EVE, virgo(maria) while Adam was Orion, a later hercules. The tree of life in the garden of Eden is related to the cosmological world tree.

Them “eating from the tree” deceived by the snake hydra, caused the skies to move in the seasons and show less stars (a certain section of the sky has less stars whilst turning) This was then related to the winter season and “god” banishing them from the lush green of spring and summer. A clear relation is there to Hercules taking the golden apples of the hesperides, in the same region of the sky.

Basicly winter time.. banished from “the garden of eden”, summer. The snake did it, yes it did, it was Hydra. It can also related to an earlier epoch of mankind, a golden age during Vega as polestar, that later, during Draco collapsed. That is a second explanation.

The hercules story was older than the bible story.. I came up with the following two explantions to this what its true origin was.

  1. Orion and virgo, the golden apple the sun in the sky which they took from “the tree” deceived by the serpent Hydra, it became winter and they got expelled from “the garden of eden” which was summer time.


2. Mankind took the polestar Vega from the sky, deceived by the serpent Draco and mankind got expelled from the garden of eden, a golden age of peace and prosperity on earth for mankind.

I leave this interpretation open but I am 100% sure its sky related, either a yearly cycle of summer and winter, or a much larger great year cycle relating to mankind as a whole.

Ophiucus, the “staff deity” and mans ancient prime “god”

The storm deity is seen in many cultures, allways batteling the serpent.

Its note worthy that in ancient days, the universe was “the great mother” before it became “god our father”. Hence we see the minoan snake godess as the universe. Note the bare breasted isis in the minoan FEMALE snake deity

The Nazi’s, highly occultly schooled, took the symbol of the eagle (Horus), the swastika (revolving universe) and the double lightning bolt (zeus storm bolts) for their SS.

These lightning bolts weapons turned into the Dorjes of eastern Buddhism.  Any subsequent god was  a lightning god holding thunderbolts. Its a constellation and the basis of the worldly “staff diety”

There is no difference to all these named hero’s and gods they all are the same constellation Ophiucius. All cultures has exactly the same depiction of their sungod worldwide as the basis was astronomy.

Under Ophiucus we see Scorpio

That is what is under Viracocha, a scorpion frontal view with 6 legs and two clippers

Both Ophiucius or Virachocha which held initialy two snakes before it became one in astronomy and which is “the staff deity” seen across the world.”He who battles the serpent”

It was the scorpion who bit the solar deity. (Mithras bull bals/fertility) and Orion and it was also Judas that betrayed Jezus.(Orion). The scorpion is under The solar Heros foot.

Quote wikipedia: ” In Greek mythology, the myths associated with Scorpio almost invariably also contain a reference to Orion. According to one of these myths it is written that Orion boasted to goddess Artemis and her mother, Leto, that he would kill every animal on the Earth. Although Artemis was known to be a hunter herself she offered protection to all creatures. Artemis and her mother Leto sent a scorpion to deal with Orion. The pair battled and the scorpion killed Orion. However, the contest was apparently a lively one that caught the attention of the king of the gods Zeus, who later raised the scorpion to heaven and afterwards, at the request of Artemis, did the same for Orion to serve as a reminder for mortals to curb their excessive pride. There is also a version that Orion was better than the goddess Artemis but said that Artemis was better than he and so Artemis took a liking to Orion. The god Apollo, Artemis’s twin brother, grew angry and sent a scorpion to attack Orion. After Orion was killed, Artemis asked Zeus to put Orion up in the sky. So every winter Orion hunts in the sky, but every summer he flees as the constellation of the scorpion comes.”

Now this story relates directly to mithras. Wasn’t it the scorpion who attacked the bulls testikles. Yes, mithras is orion. The dog can is major and the snake hydra in the Bull killing scene.

Colours are very important here again. Mithras is red. (like Adam is red in hebrew) while blue was for God (see its Cape is sky with stars) (And purple for man/God jezus) this relates to seasons. Red blue. How holy Jesus was depicted in medieval art. It is clearly mentioned, further explained in this article later, where we see a clear link even to the US flag. (stars on blue background, white and red)

It also relates to Hercules and the cretan bull story as hercules is orion.

The 7 headed snake later turned into a dragon/leo composite animals purely because leo is above Hydra.

Jaweh battled the serpent, the later devil.

As outlined in my Makara research paper, the symbolism of Horus-Sobek as opposites in the zodiac, or the hero and the snake, transformed into the St. george and the dragon stories.

One of the two pillars (!)  carrying St. George,entering  Piazza San Marco in venice.

The tree of life

Every year around christmas we see the huge christmass tree in front of the rockefeller building and even that, makes perfect sense, besides celebrating christmas.

The christmass tree is a direct link to the tree of life, a representation of the milkyway with its twinkeling stars and balls for planets, with the polestar on top. The polestar in top as highest most northern point of direction in the sky. A clue is in the pilgrimage to Santiago de Campostella, which translates as, field of stars.. the milky way.

The tree of life has had many synonyms, the pillar of heaven, the holy mountain, pyramid and many trees in many different cultures. For example, here we see the pillar of heaven on a Mycenean bronze age fortress in Argos. Pay attention to the lions and their faces outward, a symbol from Egyptian Aker watching the horizons, since Leo was the summer constellation at the time. I visited Mycenea in may 2017.

We move on to the Jewish Menora. The one that was “in the temple of solomon” This again has a clear astronomical and time/seasons meaning to it. The Menora in Solomons temple is a stylized “Tree of life”.

Note again the lions flanking it in exact similar positions.

A another depiction is here on a Warsaw war monument. It takes no imagination to see what is depicted here is the same. Leave out the crown and you have the Mycenean gate. This is also, a stylized, tree of life..

The “jewish” star is a very ancient symbol only adapted by the jews as “their symbol” in recent mediaeval times.

The dotted star was known long before that in the Indian continent just like the swastika was and represented the union of fire and water or two triangles (or two snakes) and the 6 ancient seasons.

The use of the hexagram in a Jewish context as a possibly meaningful symbol may occur as early as the 11th century, in the decoration of the carpet page of the famous Tanakh manuscript, the Leningrad Codex dated 1008. Similarly, the symbol illuminates a medieval Tanakh manuscript dated 1307 belonging to Rabbi Yosef bar Yehuda ben Marvas from Toledo, Spain. A Siddur dated 1512 from Prague displays a large hexagram on the cover with the phrase, “He will merit to bestow a bountiful gift on anyone who grasps the Shield of David.”

Quote wikipedia:

Origin of the name

The Jewish Encyclopedia cites a 12th-century Karaite document as the earliest Jewish literary source to mention a symbol called “Magen Dawid” (without specifying its shape).[62]

The name ‘Shield of David’ was used by at least the 11th century as a title of the God of Israel, independent of the use of the symbol. The phrase occurs independently as a Divine title in the Siddur, the traditional Jewish prayer book, where it poetically refers to the Divine protection of ancient King David and the anticipated restoration of his dynastic house, perhaps based on Psalm 18, which is attributed to David, and in which God is compared to a shield (v. 31 and v. 36). The term occurs at the end of the “Samkhaynu/Gladden us” blessing, which is recited after the reading of the Haftara portion on Saturday and holidays.[63]

The earliest known text related to Judaism which mentions a sign called the “Shield of David” is Eshkol Ha-Kofer by the Karaite Judah Hadassi, in the mid-12th century CE:

So the name of Jaweh, as a shield. However, the hindus themselves have asociated the 6 pointed star with Skanda and Murugan as per this article:

Quoting the above site: The lower triangle with apex downwards is the symbol of Tirumal / Vishnu, the God of Moist principle in the Nara or waters (Mahabharata.III.189.3). The triangle with its vertex upward is Shiva the principle of Fire, symbolized by the triple flame in the hand (three eyes, Tripurantaka etc).

Thus, the combination of Tirumal and Sivan is:

Skanda / Murukan / Karttikeya formed with the properties of Fire and Water.

The Saravanabava signifies the unification of these major elements into the Most Powerful One.  So the Hindus say exactly the same as the Jews and the 6 pointed star has deep astronomical relations.

The tree of life

Below we see how the same symbolism was used her on election of the new pope. The triptych chairs, the god and the tree with its branches. The tree is the tree of life, a representation of the unfolding universe itself.

Pope Francis I is flanked by cardinals and Swiss Guards as he sits under a wooden sculpture in the Paul VI general audience hall during an audience for members of the media, at the Vatican March 16, 2013. REUTERS/Paul Hanna (VATICAN – Tags: RELIGION)

The Rockefeller skyscraper is “the modern pyramid”, a representation of the milky way. Its the big obelisk, the pillar of heaven. That is the symbolism of this particular tower. The  middle pillar that intersects the zodiac circle, as also seen in Hindu mythology, churning of the milky ocean (the milkyway) which is then the basis for the swastika, the revolving skies. Notice the god on top?

So what is this “tree of life” then. We allready shown the relation to the christmass tree with its twinkling stars. The above depiction is called in Hinduism, the churning of the milky ocean. Interesting.  The fight between good and evil. The demons Asura and the Deva’s the gods. These are the two forces of the universe, but in this depiction it is this:

Jing and Yang if you wish,

Or, the two opposing spins of the galaxy.

The holy tree as such is known in many religions around the world and often seen near temples.

Like the jews had the Menorah, the Hindus the pipal tree, the budhist the Bodhi tree, the christians the christmas tree. All of that is the SAME FAITH and cultural representation differently presented.

In the end what is revered is life and creation itself, which is called “god”.

The temples of old

A lot of esoteric knowledge has been lost or only known to few.

The pillars of freemasonry, the church towers, are a direct link to the temple architecture of ancient and later Egypt, for example seen in the temple of dendur in the metropolitan museum of art in New York. The two obelisks where the later Boaz and Jachin pillars or the two church towers. These have been depicted again as the male and the female part, the sun and the moon, but effectively are the day and night cycle, (or the two nadis perhaps on a microcosmos level)

The sun king or ruler as representation of god himself on earth, or adam, man itself in between the pillars of the sun and moon. Thus man in daily life. You and I. The man in between the pillars is this god AND man at the same time.

Image result for kabbalah man

This particular symbolism of sun and moon is very old indeed and goes back all the way to ancient Egypt, as we can see in the old temples with two obelisks. (yes two in pairs and not 1 as seen in later centuries combined with a dome for the female part)

As far as I know, there is not a single temple in egypt that still has its two obelisks. the Vatican / rome took most of them and created the obelisk and dome symbolism, which is basicly, the same thing, combined, the holy grail. The rockefeller building still has the sungod between 2 obelisks on the top.

And of course the later cathedrals.

On some cathedals and churches, one can clearly see the massive rosette  window in the middle.

Here a difference is made in the towers, a male female force, moon, sun tower. In freemasonry it holds the arch of heaven with its constellations. The square makes a square and the compas a circle, so squaring the circle or union of both is depicted in the logo.


The symbol that depicts the Philosopher’s Stone may just hold the answer to all of our questions. The fact that this simple symbol can contain such elaborate truth is quite astounding, but very real indeed.

The symbol consists of a large circle with a triangle inside it with the points of the triangle touching the circle on three different points. Within the triangle is a square that is flanked with a circle. The large circle represents the heavens or the universe. The triangle within that circle is representative of the ether or spirit world. It is the collective consciousness of everyone and everything. It is in balance with the universe. The square is representative of the earth and included within, it’s four corners represent the four elements. Within that square lies the answer that the symbol is leading us to. The arrangement of the shapes of the symbol naturally draw your eye into the center of the image. This is the point within the circle. As we have discussed in earlier blogs, the point within the circle is one of the most powerful symbols in the history of mankind. It represents the individual or the center. This is the balance point for everything and represents the answer. As we can see, the symbol is not only a mathematical depiction of the whole, but is a symbol of balance between all of the energies and planes of existence. The focus of the symbol is it’s center and that is us. We must strive to capture the balance between all of the energies in our lives. Finding this balance within is the seekers quest. As we look to free ourselves from the bondage of our mental prisons, we must look for this center of balance. It is the point of all love. The center within all of us is the key to finding peace. Not only peace with our selves, but peace for everyone.

The zodiac in the vatican and bible

The zodiac arch on top and also the shielded cross with the 4 zodiac signs, or corners of the zodiac, is clear. Its the 4 evangelist on the zodiac cross. Bull, lion, eagle and man, the original tetramorph ( that to this day still graces the dome of the vatican in perfect (zodiac) cross form.

In Washington, seen in the capitol building and the obelisk and more modern architecture, like the vatican, the dual obelisks for sun and moon have been replaced by a single obelisk for the male organ and the domed building as the female part, together working in hieros gamos.  This symbolism transcends religions and therefor together with astronomical mythology expressed by different gods is the true universal religion of mankind.

Lingam (male organ) and Yoni (female organ)

Capitol building US


We also see this particular symbolism in mosques where its the minaret and the dome represents this role.

Sheikh Zayed Great Mosque minaret

Even here we see the 3 tryptich doors symbolism just like catholic churches and many ancient cultures.

Creation is Hieros Gamos, the holy union. The holy grail. So what is that exactly? It is the union of male and female that procreates and gives rise to the holy trinity. Male, Female, Child. The Hindus show this as the Lingam and the Yoni, male and female union. But in Christianity, this was obscured due to a patriarchal priest system where nuns where second grade citizens. Ever seen a female pope? The answer to the grail was found in Java in Candi Sukuh, on ancient pyramidal temple. On the left is an image that is on top of thattemple.

It is the male organ and the female organ combined. The holy union. The cup bears “the blood of christ”, the female menstrual blood.

I suspect, in alchemical terms, the union of the white and the red that gives rise to creation. All this you also see in the american flag, white, red and blue for universe, or the pooring of milk or tandori over the lingam.

Revolving skies, the pillars of heaven, sun and moon.

Time is the revolving sky of constellations and the ever changing and continuous cycle of Birth and Death of nature and the universe around us.

The concept of time and god is identified as the universal force that keeps recreating itself and also “eats its own children” depicted as a monster in mayan art, hindu temples, a dragon that devours its own tail, kronos that east its own children(creation) time itself.

It has allways been a duality of opposites. The constellation ophiucius, which in ancient days held two snakes, just like viracocha and the constellation of orion, the 3 belt stars, which symbolized the spring equinox. Hercules with his club is promotheus with his torch as the sun passes on its tip on the ecliptic making it a torch, stealing “the light/fire” from the gods.


The 4 main apostels and their animals are the specific 4 corners of the zodiac. (the eagle is scorpio/aquila, the eagle of Zeus, the staff stormgod ophiucius carrying its two thunderbolts, or as in the old days two snakes, caleb and kaput)

Jezus path passed the 12 apostels is a direct link to the path of the sun in the sky through the year.

11 apostels and Maria. (because she is the only virgo/female in our zodiac and directly related to the cup crater and the snake in the cup from john. What we see here is a clear focus on Jesus AND Maria (Virgo) The “spilling of the salt” by Judas,  has an alchemical meaning. Salt is part of the alchemical trinity.

The 12 apostels here in this painting of davinci are grouped in sets of 3, four, to be exact again the zodiacal cross and the four seasons. The person next to jezus is actualy VIRGO(maria) the only female zodiac sign and not John.

Two fingers up, the papal symbol of the Hierophant. (and jezus) 1 finger up usualy for John.  I found it weird Thomas the disbeliever has 1 finger up while usualy it is John as seen in other picture of daVinci, but in another John had two fingers up. This requires some more research into Christian hand gestures

The argument John is Maria/Virgo might hold some grounds. It is more clear here, Cup is Crater constellation, the snake is Hydra. The snake always was fertility and related to the feminine and the goddess, here as “poison” in the cup.

The message and concept of god, the universe as creator, preserver and destroyer just expressed in a different way and if by that, we are all talking about the same, creation itself, why should one fight one other to make their religion the main religion?

One should perhaps strive to unify these beliefs into a new “religion” and educate the world on the origins and true meanings of these cultural expressions of pyramids, temples and churches, as all of these are based on this knowledge of astronomy and time itself yet sold to the people in vague veiled stories only to be understood by a select few at this stage.

In ancient days, black (night) and silver (moon) and blue (day) gold (sun) we see that in tutankamons mask. Also green jade, the colour of nature and fertile lands was prized. In recent centuries there is a focus on blue (with stars) and red (for earth), the union of sky and earth, or red and white the union of male and female.

Even in India we see this same occult colour symbolism in the form of Durga (red) and Shiva (blue), we also see it in the  Mithras depictions, the american flag (republicans and democrats)  the pepsi logo etc etc. Note the blue sky cape of Mithras with the stars (us flag) and the red of his clothes.

The red and blue is the union of male and female and the earth mother and sky father. However thre might be some other links relating to skin colour and another underlying symbolism, red for the white race, blue for the dark race., or a war vs peace symbolism of mankind. (like we see in the bank of england spear and wheat and the US eagle arrows and apples) in a cyclic nature of mankind itself. On that I just touched the surface.

An expansion on this is found in this blogpost:

The purple robe at easter is a direct relations to a triptych in color.

As seen all over medieval art, the blue and the red, winter and summer, god and adam and jezus in the middle as man and god in 1, or union of sky and earth. Spirit and clay so to speak.

What is interesting to note here is that adam and eve where created from clay, which is correct if the constellations virgo and orion rose from below the horizon/earth, literally “created from clay”.

Image result for isis horus

The rosette (rose)

Of isis or seen on sumerian wrist, the fertility of the land or the great mother.

Rose window

The rose window with the 12 apostels or 12 constellations.

The path of the sun is the ecliptic. That is represented by the horizontal cross bar of the church. Jezus, the sun, dies every year and gets resurected, after being put “into a cave”, The area below the horizon, also known as the sea. Hence half of the zodiac are water constellations and at the edges you see the crab who lives in see and land.

So, the basis of the christian church is a solar religion, where time itself, the universe or creation itself is worshipped in an allegorical matter taken from many ancient cultures before them.

Thats why the Mayas thought their gods returned as they carried the same “cross” symbolism as seen in the temple of the cross in palenque. Yet their knowledge came from the west, not the east as seen in the makkara symbolism highlighted in my other research.

Isis breast, her nipple in a rose, the “lady of the rose” Sounds familiar?

Perhaps this article I wrote gave you some insight into this hidden knowledge.

Stijn van den Hoven

November 2017

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