Haunebu / Ha-Nebu

I don’t like UFO Alien propaganda, as I believe its prototypes human made military prototype crafts and the people are deceived into alien invasion stories.

However, I always had an interest in Hitlers so called flying disks technology he was working on with Viktor Schauberger. (and believe that has been continued after the war and that is the things people see.) They where called Haunebu if one has to believe the internet stories. Today, I finally figured out that name choosen was Egyptian in origin. Namely, “the Northerners” {Ha-nebu) Werther real or not, I found that a very clever choice of name by someone. “an unknown early name of an eastern Mediterranean island population represented by Ha-nebu” Ionians, “ancient Egyption name for the people living there”. That just made my day.

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