A renewed interest in the history of Egypt

In my search to who build the megalithic monuments like the osirieion,  qasr-el-saqa and the valley temples with their polygonic megalithic masonry, I need to read up more. Below not related but perhaps relevant, as are the kingslist.


Michael A. Hoffman: “Egypt before the Pharaohs. The prehistoric foundations of Egyptian Civilization.”)


Also nteresting to read /verify below post from someone:

“The first developed societies appeared in Nubia before the time of the First dynasty of Egypt (3100-2890 BC). The ancestors of the Kemites (ancient Egyptians) originally lived in Nubia. The Nubian origin of Egyptian civilization is supported by the discovery of artifacts by archaeologists from the Oriental Institute at Qustul. On a stone incense burner found at Qustul we find a palace facade, a crowned King sitting on a throne in a boat, with a royal standard placed before the King and hovering above him, the falcon god Horus. The white crown on this Qustul king was later worn by the rulers of Upper Egypt.
This find also supports what the Egyptians tell us themselves in the Edfu text: ‘Several thousand years ago, we were led by our king from the South to settle up the Nile valleys.”

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