Cultural relation between Sumeria and Candi Sukuh Java

Cultural relation between Sumeria and Candi Sukuh Java. It is clear in the style of the headdress of the bird deity (garuda in this case, story of Garuda elephant and turtle), and the stone figure with the vajra’s or lightning bolts and his sickle.

Combine this with similar structures and there is no doubt these cultures exchanged cultural ideas 8000km apart.

This link was shown by Wayne Hershell in 2005, where he pointed out the similarity in figures with the lightningbolt, yet he didnt mention the sickle.

I do not agree with all of his explanations there, however he is correct in pointing out the grail similarities and linking the storm deity, standing on a bull to Orion.


Book: Candi Sukuh dan Kidung Sudamala



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