Libertas, statue of liberty artemis (sister of apollo), diana, virgo, demeter, ceres, cybele, astarte (DURGA, Brittania etc etc) astarte, inanna, isis, colombia,

(torch, cornucopia, 2 snakes, ear of grain/corn/wheat)

Given the star spangled headdress, lady freedom may also be taken as an Americanized version of the goddess Isis.

During the past two hundred years the setting point of the star Regulus, the brightest star in the constellation of Leo, has been just over 21 degrees north of due west, from the latitude of Washington DC. Since this is the same angle as the section of Pennsylvania Avenue between the Capitol and the White House, from the Capitol, Regulus may be seen setting behind the White House.

  • Demeter is assigned the zodiac constellation Virgo the Virgin by Marcus Manilius in his 1st century Roman work Astronomicon. In art, constellation Virgo holds Spica, a sheaf of wheat in her hand and sits beside constellation Leo the Lion




Cybele enthroned, with lion, cornucopia and mural crown. Roman marble, c. 50 CE. Getty Museum

Durga (consort of shiva)



The Armada Memorial in Plymouth depicting Britannia

In Britain, a soldier’s inscription of the 2nd century AD attests to Ceres’ role in the popular syncretism of the times. She is “the bearer of ears of corn”, the “Syrian Goddess”, identical with the universal heavenly Mother, the Magna Mater and Virgo, virgin mother of the gods. She is peace and virtue, and inventor of justice: she weighs “Life and Right” in her scale

Orion was Artemis’ hunting companion. In some versions, he is killed by Artemis, while in others he is killed by a scorpion (scorpio) sent by Gaia. In some versions, Orion tries to seduce Opis, one of Artemis’ followers, and she kills him. In a version by Aratus, Orion takes hold of Artemis’ robe and she kills him in self-defense.

In yet another version, Apollo sends the scorpion. According to Hyginus[29] Artemis once loved Orion (in spite of the late source, this version appears to be a rare remnant of her as the pre-Olympian goddess, who took consorts, as Eos did), but was tricked into killing him by her brother Apollo, who was “protective” of his sister’s maidenhood.

Actaeon who Artemis turns into a stag (orion) for a transgression and who is then killed by hunting dogs. Usually the dogs (canis major and minor) are his own, who no longer recognize their master. Sometimes they are Artemis’ hounds.

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