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Let’s put all the cards on the table: this car is ridiculously stupid.
The build quality is shoddy, the care that has been given to this car
is questionable, and the ride height is by no means produced by a human
with a single ounce of rational thought. Why would you take a prized
relic such as this Nissan 240z and completely ruin it, turning it into
some pretentious piece of metal that serves no function other than


The first thing you notice about this car is the rusted hood and the
mismatched fender. Those two things completely dominate the aesthetics
of this car.


Then you immediately notice how the car has absolutely zero ground clearance. How does a car like this even get up these roads?


What we see here is a half-assed flare install job, and under that is a
set of ridiculously sized Hayashi Racing 505s with 15×11 -30 in the
rear, 15×10 -10 for the front, wrapped with some rubber bands
(225/25/15 in the rear, and 205/50/15 in the front).


Here’s a detailed shot of the install job. You can see burn marks from
the cutter and the random nuts and bolts used to attach the flare to
the body.


Given the extremely low ride height and overall ground clearance, one
would wonder how something like this can even drive up a mountain road….


You expect something of this magnitude to do nothing but exactly this: remain parked and look pretty while doing so.


The interior has been left fairly untouched with the exception of the
wooden steering wheel. Does the owner think that adding some polished
pieces of metal coupled with a wooden wheel will add character to the
dreariness of the relatively stock interior?


As you enter the car, the smell of the 1970s instantly floats up into your nostrils …


… and what is the smell of the 1970s without the smell of old cigarettes?


The owner researched thoroughly to find a set of coilovers that would
go as low as he wanted, and you know what he ended up with? He ended up
going for a set of coilovers designed for an Integra!


This will be a familiar sight to anyone that takes care of the car like this owner does….


Under the hood is a relatively stock L24. The carbs have been adapted from a VW bug.


I can assure you that these airhorns, zip-tied on, play the theme from The Godfather.


The sound of rubbing is a very prominent sound from this ridiculous front wheel fitment…


… and the ridiculous rear fitment.


After all this talk about how utterly stupid this car is, deep down I know a great deal of you absolutely love this car. It has blown up to internet celebrity status across the blogosphere, twittersphere, and everything-else-social-media-o-sphere because of its outlandish yet perfect mix of many worldwide car culture styles. It seamlessly blends the rat rod style, the japanese street drifting style, and the North American obsession with ridiculous wheel fitment coupled with an insanely slammed stance, and all that adds up to a car that has the aesthetic presence akin to that of the infamous Millenium Falcon. It may not look like much, but it’s got it where it counts. It is mean, it is hard, and it’ll do a Kessel run in twelve parsecs–no wait, scratch that last bit….


Having cars for the sake of pleasure is a very irrational train of thought. There’s absolutely no reason that we should need to own a 500 horse-power, mid-engine, red italian super car. But for some reason, just like how men feel about attractive women, we instinctively feel that we need it and crave it. Sports cars should never be something you buy and own with your brain. They should be something you buy and own with your heart–all of it. The owner of this 240z, Yuta, is only 20 years old, but his care and passion for cars is equal to that of a billionaire car collector. This “zombie” 240z may look like a piece of junk, but with the care that Yuta has given to the parts that matter, this car runs like a dream.

There are many people who will completely dislike and may even hate this car, but you know what? It could be too early to say this, but out of all the cars I’ve seen and shot this year, Yuta’s 240z is easily my favorite car of the year. I absolutely love it.

-Linhbergh Nguyen

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P.S. If you want some additional information about this car,
Motormavens has great write up that the owner Yuta has personally
written himself. You can check it out here.

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