Ecodomus Project

This project was created as a space for discussion on the future of housing in Denmark. In addition to creating the physical space for this meeting, it was important that the proposal to become a contribution in terms of its architecture, influenced by the local environment, the view, the landscape, the wind and the sun.
The project is based on the geodesic dome but de-building his sacred geometry, allowing for the flexibility of the dome to adapt to the role and the ground. In this way, it can form niches, cracks and corners, open up and hide. When you split the dome, created niches in the entries which serve as a framework for the various internal functions and indirect natural lighting.
It proposed a system of nodes of steel that connect with the wood to build the structure. The Skeleton is covered like a tent, making it possible its variations to fit the parameters required. The free structure of columns allows a great freedom of interior design and facades. The windows and openings can fly freely and without interior walls as bearers of burdens.
The ambitions of the system were resolved through the 3 D modelling of the entire skeleton. The components were cut with laser to comply with the requirements of high precision of the lattice structure.
All the wood used for the facade, soil, and the interior is local pine. To be a temporary project, the façade was built on the basis of old reused wood that could hardly be used for other purposes.
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