This could be a record breaking. The above video shows a demo with Andruav to actually control a RC Car from LA in Cairo using Andruav, the distance is 12,193km 7576 miles between the driver in LA & the car in Cairo.

The demo was done in my home, and the car is pretty fast, so a caution was required when controlling it to avoid fast jumps.

The configuration is like described in the below image.

LA Configuration

Andruav-GCS running on a tablet, the tablet shares wifi with a laptop that runs mission planner, the mission planner is connected using TCP/IP to Andruav-GCS that acts as a telemetry. A Joystick is connected to Mission Planner for control.
The Tablet itself is running opens FPV screen using Andruav, it display what is captured by the RC Car mobile that is mounted on it.

Cairo Configuration

There were two separate Andruav there.

1- Andruav-GCS on WebClient, this is what we see on the large monitor, it shows Mario Location & it connects to Andruav-Drone “RC Car” same as the GCS in LA and display the very same video that Mario see in LA through Andruav-GCS on tablet. One-to-Many video streaming is one of the nice features in Andruav.

2- Andruav-Drone “RC Car”, the car has an APM board and a bluetooth module. A mobile is mounted on the car an connects to APM via bluetooth. It runs Andruav-Drone.

The other video from Cairo that shows the car on the other side is this one:


At last I want to thank Mr. Mario for his video & support.


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