Santa, Father Christmas, father frost

The origins of the character of Santa Klaus, in russia called Ded Moroz predates Christianity as a slavic wizard of winter, in some books he is a son of Slavic pagan god Veles ( and Mara ( ,mer/sea, which is probably the origin of “Maria”.

In Slavic mythology, Frost or Morozko is a snow demon.

Further symbology of christmas is pagan/shamanistic in origin. The Siberian Soma Ritual.

The red and white suit is a direct reference to the shamans and the red and white Aminata Muscaria mushroom, as “the parcels under the (pine) tree”.

Also the mushroom christmass decorations and the reindeer of which shamans drank the urine to avoid the toxic substance of amanita muscaria. The reindeer is also related to the deer constellation, asociated with orion in old days. The Rig Veda refers to the Orion Constellation as Mriga (The Deer). The sleigh to the charioteer constellation Auriga.



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