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Herb to soften stone (Evidence of stone softening in India)


This video was translated by the Kannada institute by request of myself Stijn van den Hoven. It is same story as Peru, that there was a liquid, plant to soften rocks. In My makara research paper I made links between india and peru so am not surprised this was known on both continents and thus how they could build such exquisite temple carvings and structures.

Karnataka state – Hangal
Shripad S Akkivalli – from the horticulture department

Shripad mentions that these stones are sculpted as though it were wax. He says that there are many theories to how stones were shaped. One theory he heard from his father about a plant which softened stone.  Shripad believes that a plant exists or existed which sculptors of ancient India used to soften stones so that they could create works of art which we
see today in thousands of temples.

Literal translation whats is said in video : (Local kannada language)

“One day when his father was crossing a river with few people, suddenly a person appears. He brings the herbs from a field and scrubs on rough surfaced stone that his father and other people are carrying.

As the person who bought herb scrubs on the stone, it becomes smooth, soft and shining. So his father enquirer about the herb, it’s name and where it is grown but the man did not reveal the information.”

So the jist of story is that there are herbs which softens the stone.



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