Star or stars, the true god and gods in heaven

Man with stafs, ophiucius

The world wide staff diety, the green man, the return of fertility to the lands.

Golden gate silver gate, keys of vatican,orion and ophiucius, (janus and cybil with keys or the lion with the keys from mithraic religion)

The shepard, constellation king of ethiopia

zeus, cygnus with his eagle altair onhis side

Polestars over a 25920 period

The global mount (meru) religion with gods on top, the gods on the mountains

Birth 25th december (sun)

Mithras depiction with equinox and solstice animals in respected time

Rome, the wolf with the twins myth, current polestar with kochab

The head of the hydra (snake)

The “three” in the garden of eden

The dualistic nature of the seasons

Osiris vs merlin myths

St. peters square sundial

4 main apostels, 4 corners of zodiac

12 apostels , constellations

72 followers (quintets in 360 degree circle)

passover (equator)

the cross (cross of ecleptic and equator in the sky)

The altar in the vatican with 4 pillars

The 3 worlds (crypt, land, heacen)

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