Draco with Wings, the feathered serpent.

Richard Hinkley Allen in his book STAR NAMES Their Lore and Meaning claims the Greek constellation Ursa Minor was never mentioned in the literary works of Homer (9th century B.C.) or Hesiod (8th century B.C.). That’s probably because this constellation wasn’t around at that time. According to the Greek geographer and historian Strabo (63 B.C. to A.D. 21?) these seven stars didn’t make up Ursa Minor (the Little Dipper) until 600 B.C. or so.

Before that time, this group of stars outlined the wings (!!!) of the constellation Draco the Dragon. This is to me the feathered serpent. As it was the constellation that contained 3 polestars (two in draco and 1 in ursa minor) in this form and was thus true north, The main diety of the olmec/aztec/mayans.

When the seafaring Phoenicians visited the Greek philosopher Thales around 600 B.C., they showed him how to navigate by the stars. Purportedly, Thales clipped the Dragon’s wings to create a new constellation and hence most people lost the true meaning of the feathered serpent.




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