By SC van den Hoven 






The two snakes coming from the top is the same as the two “snakes” on the side of Amaru Maru.

The two snakes, Like the two snakes come down from the pyramid in the pyramid dedicated to Kukulkan (or Quetzalcoatl) in chitchen itza to “eat the people” . The priest sit at top, grabbing the serpent by its tail like moses did and the snakes became staffs.




The episcopal staff has the cross of Christ with two snakes and this may seem disconcerting. There are actual two explanations for this symbolism.  The church explanation: The staff reminds us to the brass serpent erected by Moses in the desert. When the Israelites were bitten by poisonous snakes (being the sign of sin and earthly / demonic wisdom) the brass serpent that was lifted up was a type of the cross. Jesus Christ “became sin” (2 Corinthians 5:21) for us and triumphed over the poisonous and lethal power of sin. Hence, the snakes on the staff recall this story and the words of the Lord in John 3:14: “As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up.”

Another way to consider the snakes it to see them not as symbols of false wisdom (James 3:15) but of true and holy wisdom, as in Lord’s saying (Matthew 10:16): “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.”
The serpent, or snake, is one of the oldest and most widespread mythological symbols. The word is derived from Latin serpens, a crawling animal or snake. Snakes have been associated with some of the oldest rituals known to humankind and represent dual expression of good and evil.
One sees the catholic church has not only taken the cross but also the story about the two snakes. The triumph over ego in holy form,
but also the snakes eating mankind at the end of the lowest state in the form of the flood.

The snake eating the people might be also symbolic, the ego state of man killing each other and waging wars. It is also a sign of enlightenment, squaring the circle. The entwined snakes are the oposite of the lower down crouching snakes. The eagle versus the snake.


An ancient painting of Nuwa and Fuxi unearthed in Xinjiang.






– Ophiucius the lowest state.

What did the ancients want to tell us?

– A story about duality

– The 3 pillars, the middle way

– The godess cult wih the snakes, crete, isis and eve with the snake, ‘Snake in the tree’ / Fall from Eden


– How do the stories and rituals and feasts fit in?

  • Go(o)d and (d)evil
  • The goat of mendez
  • Baphomet
  • Osiris and Isis
  • Santa
  • Druids, oak and holy man
  • Easter bunny
  • The may pole and the Christmass tree, raising of the two trees
  • Raising of the djed
  • Star wars and the (d)jed(i)’s
  • Kali and Shiva




What does egypt tell us? The ancient egyptian pharao attire

The pharao’s clothing or gear, was not just for fun. Like the mayans, conveying the story of the ages for future generations was extremely important for them. This was “their religion” and this made better humans and a better world.

Although the knowledge of the ages was known to the whole world before, the priest took over power from the kings and hid this information and kept people in the dark with fables about gods and in these days ancient aliens.

Although difficult these days, the truth can still be found. Remember. Even in total darkness there is still a speck of light and soon the light will come back.



Explain the pharao attire.


– The crook and flail of dutch folklore

peet2 peet

– Egyptian Temple layouts, they have not changed much, The two obelisks and how the church stole the teachings. They eluded man with an encoded fairy tale however the true story was decoded in the churches of the middle ages,

cathedral luxor

Luxors missing pillar is at the vatican.

What does the Roman catholic church tell us?


— The worship of the golden Calf

— Taurus, the path of Tau, towards the altar.



– The 12 apostels, 12 signs of the zodiac with jezus being the centre sun, the “son” of “god” the creator. Its all zodiac and tells a story about time and mans dealings on earth

– The altar in the vatican


– The cross on which jezus died

  • The cherubim
  • The four faced angels
  • 72 followers in pairs
  • The 153 fish and vesica pisces, the net.

— Mozes Staf that turned into a snake and back into a staff. Ophiucius snakes and Orions staf. Exodus 4:1-7

Exodus 4:1-7 for they will say, ‘The Lord did not appear to you.’” 2 The Lord said to him, “What is that in your hand?” He said, “A staff.” 3 And he said, “Throw it on the ground.” So he threw it on the ground, and it became a serpent, and Moses ran from it. 4 But the Lord said to Moses, “Put out your hand and catch it by the tail”—so he put out his hand and caught it, and it became a staff in his hand.

– Mans fall from eden because of the snake. The snake in the “tree”

  • Up and down the temple of quetzal coatl and amaru maru, the snake reference for wisdom.



  • David and goliath. David with the Head of Goliath, circa 1635, by Andrea Vaccaro
  • goliath

David slaying goliath. How 1 man took down the church.

The layout of the temples, teaching the same message that is everywhere.

  • egyptian temple
  • Church
  • Indian temple Kailash

– Placing of cemetery vs place where the priest enters church

– The church tower as oposite the altar

– The cross in the church is the ecleptic, Jezus  died indeed on the cross.

Like the Kali yuga says, man will come down to a state of war, where he doesnt love his fellow man. betray their fathers etc etc.Christ consiousness of man is that. It is compassion, love. Through the cycle of precession, 26000 years we will reach a lowest point as mankind and a highest point. The lowest point is ophiucius and the highest point is orion.

— The fall from “eden” decieved by the snake. (ego)

— The explanation of the Yuga Cyles from india. The same story.

– Zeus / Poseidons Pitchfork

– Zeus Altar


– Two horns of devil and zeus pitchfork, borrowed from Zeus

– The halo, the enlightenment and satan as lucifer the light bearer.

— Ying and Yang and the i-ching




— The rebus figure

Definition of “rebus”

A rebus is an allusional device that uses pictures to represent words or parts of words.

So the picture is the message

The dual headed king standing ion the ego. Not only a symbol of freemasonry but also conveying the same esoteric message of the two dualities in 1, surpassing the ego state.

— The double headed eagle





—  The Triptich

— The Church entrance

— the devils pitchfork.


Again another version of same symbology.


— The ankh


The Egyptian Ankh, the key to the temple, attribute of priests and kings.


Ankh Teotenango, Mexico

The Ankh is the key to the temple or key of life. And key of life indeed it is. The ankh is not a single sign, its like a ying yang sign. It combines two in 1. If you split it up, you get a T shape and a horseshoe shape. After this, you will understand why a horseshoe was asociated with luck. The horseshoe shape of “Kuta” in India is often associated with budha. You also see the horseshoe shape on the aztec tongue image. Its asociation is with the highest state on the circle

Thors hammer, TAU.

Only a man worthy enough of the mjolnirs power can remove it from the stone.

This is symbolic again, not a real weapon, the lightning associated with the hammer, is the kundalini lightning of the enlightened man.

This is ment to be read differently, meaning, releasing the serpent energy. Like medusa turned people into stone, she took away the serpent energy.

— The Ark of the covenant.

Between the tip of the two angels sits god.


If one looks at it from a circle perspective the two angels represent the two halfs of the circle. heighest spot in the circle is where “god” sits/speaks.

. It is also Aries, the first sign the zodiac, depicted in the known aries shape.




Now add the circle, or the ying yang sign to the aries sign and it symbolizes sprouting life.






Head of Humbaba, Assyrian, 19th c. B.C

Iraqi Museum, IM 73921

The Eurasian monstruous heads apparently have a common ancestor in the Mesopotamian head of Humbaba. The story of Humbaba is told in the Epic of Gilgamesh from the third millennium B.C.. Humababa (= hugeness) was the being with supernatural power guarding the “the mountain of cedars, the dwelling-place of the gods and the throne of Ishtar”. We are told that:

“Enlil has appointed Humbaba to guard it (the mountain) and armed him in sevenfold terrors, terrible to all flesh is Humbaba. When he roars it is like the torrent of the storm, his breath is like fire and his jaws are death itself”. “He is not like men who die, his weapons are such that none can stand against them” When he looks at someone, it is the look of death.

On Mesopotamian seals he is depicted as a man running to the left, his legs and arms bent in square angles and with his monstruous head looking to the observer. A sculpure of the head of Humbaba was found in Tell Timah (Iraq). This head is the prototype of all later Eurasian monstruous heads


Relief of Medusa (c.580 BC) from the pediment of the Temple of Artemis, Corfu.

Medusa is depicted in the same running attitude as Humbaba and in this depiction looks very similar. What is important here is the intertwined snakes,

Again, symbolism of balanced duality, the two snakes, or snake godess, is also known to the aztecs, as “Coatlcue” The two headed snake godess. This is a state in the circle.

A difference is that Humbaba is just a wingless man. Medusa, however is a female winged creature, that is an angel of ancient Egyptian fashion.

The snake reference to medusa is again linked to other snake related symbology and that of the ego, or the lowest state or ophiucius, the snake bearer.

A cretan and minoan goddess  wwas holding the snakes in the same fasion as ophiucius.


The bare breasted women is related to other godesses in the ancient world.



The goddess’ Classical Nahuatl name can be rendered both Cōātlīcue and Cōātl īcue, from cōātl “snake” and īcue “her skirt”, roughly meaning “[she who has] the skirt of snakes”. The name Tēteoh īnnān, from tēteoh, plural of teōtl “god”, + īnnān “their mother”,

Most Aztec artistic representations of this goddess emphasize her deadly side, because Earth, as well as loving mother, is the insatiable monster that consumes everything that lives. She represents the devouring mother, in whom both the womb and the grave exist.

She is ophiucius of the double snake goddess, She is a place in the zodiac in time of death, sacrifice but also that of rebirth for humankind. On the tiwanaku statue she is depicted as 1 part of the duality, her war state in the right hand of statue as the jaguar, the devouring beast and the spiritual state (after her head was cut of and two serpents grew) on the rightOne sees the two energies that are as 1 in the one figure are identified as two seperate while still containing the one combined state. That is the triptich symbolism. The large door with the two side doors. She is not only evil or bad. The earth both consumes and regenerates life.

That is why the jaguar statue has a combined duality state in his hart depicted as the double headed serpent, depicting the two snakes and that is why the “good” double headed snake statue has the triptich symbolism in his hart as that is where he eventualy goes to, to seperation and evil. Hence why the triptich doors or symbolism is later depicted as 3 doors, hell, poseidon, shiva’s pitchfork etc etc.

She is represented as a woman wearing a skirt of writhing snakes and a necklace made of human hearts, hands, and skulls. Her feet and hands are adorned with claws. She is death, like kali. Her face is formed by two facing serpents (after her head was cut off and the blood spurt forth from her neck in the form of two gigantic serpents), referring to the myth that she was sacrificed during the beginning of the present creation. This is relevant as indeed evil was “sacrificed” at the begging of current creation. Like it allways will be cleansed just before the “new world” will be created, like a clean slate.

The position of the two snakes is very relevant. For Coatlicue, they are facing each other. This is related to the lowest state. The position/direction of the faces is important. In depictions worldwide, the facing side is the “evil” state and the away from each other is the “good state”. A dual headed figure can be depicted good or bad depending which way the heads face, if they fight with each other or having each others backs so to say.

In below image of  one of the Tiwanaku statues, you see that “good” double headed snake state. The snakes are facing outwards, with backs to each other (peace) not fighting head on. The war/evil/greed state is depicted by the fanged human or in later aztec and mayan cultures as the jaguar state or Tezcatlipoca, quetzal coatls adversary. The hands in this case represent the two snakes of the aztec calender. a Left side and a right side.

In zulu and indian culture, the hands are significant, right is good and left is evil.Here, the right hand grabs/holds the evil state “prisoner”, while the evil side holds the good state “prisoner”  The hands (snakes) meet at the bottom. The highest state is the statue itself when one draws a circle on it. Its the head of the statue.

So this is how Tiwanaku relates to the aztec calender sunstone. Its depicting a story about good and evil.




Medusa, the evil snake women

Medusa is based on Coatlicue. She was a beautifull women at first who then was turned into a monster with snake heads. This again is the cycles of duality and applies to the human race as a whole. Eden state versus hell state. After destruction, seeding will occur for the earth. Back to eden in a continuous cycle.

Note that also Medusa was beheaded.  (by the hero Perseus), who thereafter used her head, which retained its ability to turn onlookers to stone, as a weapon until he gave it to the goddess Athena to place on her shield. In classical antiquity the image of the head of Medusa appeared in the evil-averting device known as the Gorgoneion.

The Gorgoneion was a special apotropaic amulet showing the Gorgon head, used most famously by the Olympian deities Athena and Zeus: both are said to have worn the gorgoneion as a protective pendant.[1] It was assumed, among other godlike attributes, as a royal aegis to imply divine birth or protection, by rulers of the Hellenistic age.

The gorgonian

So was the image of the gorgonian. It will link that symbolism directly. You will see clearly the similarity to Meso America and the maori ritual dance.

The man with the tongue sticking out.


For centuries a montruous head has been a decoration on armoury and on door posts in many cultures. Mostly ancient temples. This figure is depicted all over the world so it must be signficant and culturally important. It is, because is is a depiction of evil  but also of conquering evil. slaying the medusa and using the head.)


The mysterious last door at the Padmanabhaswamy temple. 22 billion in gold was found in the other 6 vaults, but the inside chamber of vault B is never openeded out of fear, due to the snake symbolism. Note the two columns and the entwining snakes. It must be noted that there is no good and bad in ying and yang however I tend to agree this door entices warning and fear. One can see the fleur de lis symbolism and 12 signs of the zodiac. To me this door points to the lowest state the snake bearer constellation ophiucius with the two pillars. Note the small little people the coulumn is made of.

We find that such creatures usually are depicted in a military or evil context. We find that the monstruous head very often is depicted on armoury, for example on shields and on breast plates. That is because it is linked to war and evil.

These, we may suppose, were all very expensive parts of armour and for that reason only very high ranking warriors could afford such armour. Also, there were some other rank-insignia which symbolized the supervisor of the operation and the attacker or defender. None of these rank-insignia could have symbolized the qualification of “head” (as in leader)  as they obviously symbolized operating officers.

Most of the time the gorgonian is depicted with wide open eyes and a grinning mouth usually with tongue put out and with rumpled hair.(Exactly how the maori’s dance during their war dance, again perhaps a war reference, now in new zealand..) It is noted to say that to open eyes and tongue is a reference to war and evil, just the head is a victory over evil.

The third eye needs to be there as well to counter the duality, like the bird/snake and the false beard of the pharao work in pairs. The head is the centre. Now if one is in the lowest state and wants to get to enlightenment, the only way is through the monster or centre.

The centre of humans is the hart. The hart is where love and greed is in 1. The hart can be cold or warm as they say. Coldharted people or warmharted people. That is an individual choice. To get earth to heaven we need more warmharted people. So abolish greed. the monster is the ego, greed and war. Only when the monster is slain, we can get to “heaven” which is as mentioned before, on earth, because there is enough for everybody, the reason we don’t have enough is because of greed. There is abundance. The world is currently divided into a 1% rich and 99% poor. That balance will shift eventualy to pure sharing and good until after that greed sets in again (the snake in the tree or lower ego will take over mankind)



It is called “kirtimukha”. There are several legends attached to it. In the southeast Asia it is also called as Kaal, the death or end. There is a difference between “KAALi” and the head alone.

The puranic story tells of a demon called Jalindhar who because of a boon from Brahma became all powerful. He used to eat anything and everything that came his way. Shiva finally encountered he and challenged to eat his own organs falling far the bait Jalindhar started eating himself till only his face remained which he could not chew. He then begged of mercy to Shiva, who in return gave him a blessing that people will see his face first while entering any temple, that is before seeing the God.

The story is about greed and evil, mans lowest state. Unless man “eats his ego (his lower self) he will not reach godhood. (which is sharing, universal love to all animals, or the “eagle state” or “flying serpent state” of man.

This is depicted beautifully in other statues from the Chavin culture where you will see both natures and the symbology of the snake and the eagle allways depicted as opposite, the two opposite snakes of amura maru, the chitchen iza pyramid and the sun stone. Its allways between the snake and the eagle in that culture or later between the snake and the jaguar, here depicted the snake and the eagle as opposite snakes.



Understanding the two snakes intertwined is Hermes staff of enlightenment.



Chitchen iza Pyramid



The chavin culture and the statues found.


The snake bearer, as in viracocha.


Back of the statue. Love is the key to heaven or the “eagle state”


One must defeat the ego or the snake to become the flying serpent or quetzalcoatl.



Snake tongue. Evil snake.  Forked tong of a snake, ego, war, greed.


This picture depicts the two states of humankind. Evil, devouring own children (sacrifice/death/war, sending children to war, dropping bombs on children/ and a peace state upside down holding the two serpents facing away from each other. Beter depicted in this statue due to erosion.


Good state (note the T shape for either Taurus or aries) which is two other side facing serpents.


The fanged, evil monstrous state of man. about to devour own child in “animal state”


The snakeman. the ego. (crawling snake)


Excerting dominance, sodomy or animal like behavior. Big figure over small figure.



Clay plaque with Gorgon from the temenos of the Athenaion of Syracuse 570-550 BC. Syracuse, Museo Archeologico Regionale, Cat. 56.

Here one sees more how it related to the double headed eagle. Note the twirls on both signs. I interpret these as kundalini, raised djed, balanced duality. Note his skirt with upside down “kuta” sign, as one would expect it to be upside down at the botton, again to balance the duality. The horshoe shape in up shape only sits around the head. Note the third eye. to counter the togue.

Such monstruous heads are spread within an area stretching out from Britain in the West to as far as Bali in the East but also clearly seen on the aztec sun calender in the centre, which is shown in this book.

Its a sign of mastered duality, divine birth, royalty, leaders since the tongue sticks downwards and the triangle (or entwined snakes) on his head upwards on the aztec sundial and he sits in the centre of it all.

There is no difference to the aztec sundisk.


A wooden door panel intended to guard the house from an unwelcome guest (Thomas Regnaudin, c. 1660).

Notice how the tongue sits on 1 side and the entwined snakes on the other representing divinity.


Gorgoneion on the Tondo of an Ancient Greek Attic black-figured cup, end of sixth century BC – Cabinet des médailles de la Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris, France.


Depiction in swords and sword relation with war


Sword Hilt with monstruous head. China, Ming Dynasty, early 15th century

This is important, the tongue depicts war and the heft beautifully depicts enlightenment, the crown.

I will show again the man in the snake from olmec statue and its S-WORD (snake word) or tongue.

Note how the tail of the snake depicts peace, planting, at the handle of the sword and the snakes head is at the blade side of the sword. War, decapitating the man in the snake. The blade sits with the head of the snake.The tail the DJED, is the peace. Part of the circle.

Another depictionof this duality between enlightenment and war.

Sadigh Gallery's Ancient Chinese Jade Ceremonial Sword
Sadigh Gallery’s Ancient Chinese Jade Ceremonial Sword

Ancient Chinese. Carved light green jade ceremonial sword with Chinese calligraphy on one side, to the other side two dragons in low relief, the hilt with a dragons’ head with a wide open mouth at the end of the handle. Traces of earthen patina. 1300 AD (24 ¼” x 3 ½”)



Moses, the staff and the snake

Moses throws down his staff and when it hits the ground it turns into a snake.  One thing you can be sure of: being a shepherd in the desert, Moses knew snakes.  Moses starts to run from it – he no longer has his staff to protect him from it.  But the LORD tells Moses to pick up the snake – by the tail.  Moses the desert shepherd would know that the last way to pick up a snake is by the tail; it could curl up and bite you.  The way to pick up a snake, should you have occasion to do so, would be to use your staff to pin it to the ground by the back of the neck and pick it up there, so that it cannot twist and curl and bite. 

I’m sure Moses thought God did not know what He was talking about, that He did not know how to survive in the desert.  But Moses fearfully obeyed and took hold of the snake by the tail.  When he got his fingers wrapped around the snake it changed back into a staff right in the palm of his hand.

Moses received his tool back, but now it clearly was an instrument of God.  Moses’ tool was now under Yahweh’s control and power.


The moral of this story in relation to the above sword, is to take the sword by the blade/tongue.  It then becomes an instrument of god. One should not fear the sWORD to be beheaded. If one took the sword by its hilt (or head), it become the tool of the devil. Satan. The head deceives, one must trust god.


St. Peter

Carrying the upside down cross as apparently he did not want to be crucified in the same way as christ…



(Petrine Cross at the threshold of a church, together with the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven)





Budha is also depicted as protected by snakes.

hooded cobra

They are also associated with waters—rivers, lakes, seas, and wells—and are generally regarded as guardians of treasure. The nāga was equated with the klu (Tibetan: ཀླུ་) that dwell in lakes or underground streams and guard treasure.

The nāga is sometimes portrayed as a human being with a snake or dragon extending over his head




Bust of Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of The Commonwealth of England (1653-’58).

(By Joseph Wilton, 1764)





— The Aztec Sundisk

Do not look at this as a “sun disk”. Its a calender system, that clearly encoded states and opposites.

The two states of the sundisk

One can clearly see the two extremities also on the sundisk if one looks closely.

On top of the sundisk one sees the pyramid symbology, and 13 ben (reed, plants)




It is the heighest state (Orion/pleiades). The T is for the Altar, the lowest state (scorpio/zeus altar/ Soloms altar or the “route of Tau(rus) towards ophiucius/scorpio) on the precesional cycle.

From scorpio  towards aries upwards, mans ascension commences, like it does every year on a smaller scale in the yearly seasons on a larger scale it explains mans place and journey in the universe and the difference between eden/heaven on earth and hell.

Plants (eden) sits at the top of the sunstone.

This is significant. as also  osiris is called the green man, asociated with vegation, summer. (seth, his counterpart, murder, evil, sits at the bottom.)

This can be related to our world, the life on earth or to our chakra system.

There are again two opposites. The “green” state and “black”  state.  This is why Pacal was wearing a green jade mask, as he was also, a “green man”. More on that later.

Now all this duality symbology can be placed on:

  1. a year cycle
  2. to the human body on a microcosmos level
  3. but also on a platonic great year on a macrocosmos level

It symbolizes in order

  1. The seasons (winter summer)2
  2. The chakra system. High spiriuality (love, sharing then to pinneal gland) and its opposite, the ego or lowest chakra/sex, the beastly urges.
  3. War and peace for humankind (heaven/eden and hell)

The aztec Calender sun stone

There are a few interesting cultural similarities to be found on the aztec sunstone.

  1. The two snakes on either sides coming down
  2. The tongue figure
  3. The opposing figures in the heads of the snakes (war)
  4. The 13 ben/reed symbology which symbolizes vegatation on the top.



While on the bottom one sees two people at war. The creator person sits in the middle who encompassed both in 1, like the Pharao who has the balanced duality on his forehead (depicted as the vulture (which is the old constellation Lyra/Harp) and the snake, together they make the “feathered serpent” symbology) , depicted by the bird and the snake in 1.

The false beard is like satans goaty. As explained earlier in this book, the snake is the ego and the eagle the ascended state of the same sign. Hence combining these shows both in 1 symbolism. The feathered snake is a state of the world, like the crawling snake is the other half.

It again shows the two states which I try to let you see in this book.  Taurus vs ophiucius, god vs devil. Spiritual vs earthly, Osiris,Isis vs Seth. Peace (eden/vegetation) vs war.


The lowest state, also symbolized as the tongue, greed.


Stone sculpture of Tlaltecuhtli, Templo Mayor Museum, Mexico City.Instead of the “13 Ben/reed” symbol from the sundisk one here clearly sees the vegetation on top.




This the origin and meaning of the pharao’s false beard.


The maories still have a tradition of sticking out their tongue during their war dance. Exactly like the sundisk figure. The tongue is associated with the lower realms, (like the false beard is of the pharao in that depiction of duality). If you look well at the maori face tattoo the higher state is embedded as well. (the upward force)

The bible also makes a negative connotation to the tongue itself.

James writes in James 3:1-8

“My brethren, be not many masters, knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation. For in many things we offend all. If any man offend not in word, the same is a perfect man, and able also to bridle the whole body. Behold, we put bits in the horses’ mouths, that they may obey us; and we turn about their whole body. Behold also the ships, which though they be so great, and are driven of fierce winds, yet are they turned about with a very small helm, whithersoever the governor listeth. Even so the tongue is a little member, and boasteth great things. Behold, how great a matter a little fire kindleth!  And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity: so is the tongue among our members, that it defileth the whole body, and setteth on fire the course of nature; and it is set on fire of hell.  For every kind of beasts, and of birds, and of serpents, and of things in the sea, is tamed, and hath been tamed of mankind:  But the tongue can no man tame; it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison.”

This is esoteric symbolism, signs, symbols and sigils. It is what the scripture would call “conversation” . There is more than one way of communicating. On the sundisk, the tongue points to war, two figures oposed each other. That is what I wanted to point out and its realation to the rest of this book.

— The symbolism of the double headed eagle and the the fleur de lis


Add more content:

— The double headed eagle is the same symbolism I have tried to explain in this book. Its the duality depicted in 1. The bird is the transcended state of the snake. The double headed snake was depicted early allready in toltec civilization where it was 1 of the puppets as opposite to the evil puppet in the hands of the stone statue in tiwanaku. Only the double headed eagle has combined the symbology of highest state of man versus lowest state of man into 1.

Crown VS sword.


This theme, war vs peace is a reoccuring theme in the the US seal, the bank of england and many other modern logo’s.


Gandabherunda Mythical Bird, India
Detail from a design in Yoganarasimha Swamy Temple, Melkote

A two-headed bird is called Gandhabherunda in India. He is of the same Hittite origin as the two-headed eagle in the West. A myth says that Vishnu assumed the form of a two-headed eagle to annihilate Sarabha, a form taken by Shiva to destroy Narasimha (an avatar of Vishnu) again, a sectarian device to humble a rival creed.

Such a bird appears at Sirkap Stupa which usually is dated at about the beginning of the Christian era.

It is depicted there sitting and turned to the dexter and this seems to have been the common attitude for centuries. It can also be found on a fresco in Brihadiswara Temple, consecrated 1010, and much later on a 16th century Vijayanagar coin.

From about the 11th century AD Gandabherunda is represented in the usual attitude with wings displayed. This may have been a Seljuq influence.


Pictures of Gandabherunda with lions or elephants in his claws date from the 16th century and later. Like the eagle catches the snake.Also in the west the two-headed eagle in the West was depicted with lions or other beasts in its talons.

In India it is explained by myth that he was so strong that he was able to clutch elephants in his talons and fly away with it. I do not think this is the real story, but that it ties in with the previous statements. For centuries elephants were often used in combat, and thus again is the victory over war. Especialy note the hart on the eagles chest. You might have seen that hart on a chest before.


Love conquers war. Eagle conquers snake. especialy note the halo circle and the cross, which I believe is a sign of the precession.

Gandabherunda is in the arms of Karnataka State (India), a place of many rock cut temples.


Gandabherunda devouring lions and elephants in its clawsKeladi Temple from the time of Shivappa Nayaka (reigned 1645–1660) (Karn.).



Counter-seal: Crowned two-headed eagle. L.: AND GRAND PRINCE OF VLAD[IMIR], AND MOSC[OW], AND NOV[GOROD], AND PSK[OV] AND TVE[R], AND UGO[RA], AND VIAT[KA], AND PER[M], AND BOL[GAR].Date: 1497

This seal  shows again mans vixtory over the ego/beast on 1 side of the seal and the ascended state with the double headed eagle on the other. It can be depicted in multiple ways the war peace, ego/enlightenment state of man but in the end it all depicts the same story.


A two-headed eagle was also adopted as the emblem of rank of the supreme commander in Nubia. Note not only the horns, indication for taurus, the highest state, but also the 6 pointed jewish star, symbol of balanced duality.

The two-headed eagle was the successor of the gorgoneion of pagan times, as well as of the Christian Roman Empire after Constantine.

This will proof to be very important. Not only was the double headed eagle (and double headed snake) used in meso america as shown below,

The fleur de lis


The fleur de lis, symbol of royalty is a similar symbolism to the double headed eagle. If you compare the images closely one see the similarities. Like the crown on the double headed eagle from freemasons, state crests, the top point of the royal fleur de lis is the same as the side petals, the double heads of the eagle with the crown.

The statue at Tiwanaku also depicts the duality, mans journey.

In his left hand is carrying an angry man. (war) In his right hand he is carrying the man with the two headed snake, (or double headed eagle, since the snake and eagle are related as explained earlier.) the spiritual man. Again, the opposite states. Lets find that symbology in the oldest known city on the world, Tiwanaku.

Look closely what he is holding in his hands. Often mistaken for tools, alien rayguns and others, the answer is much simpeler. He is holding two man. 1 angry man and 1 man with the heads of two snakes. It is more clear in the drawing.




This is what is depicted with the double headed eagle. As the eagle is the ascended form of the snake. It again symbolizes the two states in the circle, war versus peace. Orion versus Ophiucius.

Ophiucius, the snake bearer constelation is depicted elsewhere in Tiwanaku. It is viracocha on the gate of the sun. I will now explain how more of this symbolism has been adopted by later religions and heads of states.

– Ophiucius the Snake bearer , Caleb and Kaput

In ancient times there were two snakes, caleb and kaput, by making 1 snake in the current constelation, by making it an obscure constelation. it made it more difficult to connect the dots, but it were two snakes, like the snake bearer on the gate of the sun. It is 180 degrees oposite on the circle towards orion.

93C-Image Gate of the Sun

If you look at the gate of the sun, you see viracocha holding the two snakes. He is not a SUN god, he was a SKY god. A constellation to be exact. And to be even more precise, Ophiucius, the snake bearer, 180 degrees oposite of Orion.


If you look at the back of the gate of the sun, you will see the 3 “doors”. This “triptich” symbolism is well used in later history, with no coincidence. From the cathedrals doors to the devils/ satans pitchfork and poseidons trident. This is extremely relavant and will relate to the biblical flood as well.


The Snake Bearer

The snake bearer was key to understanding the mystery of the world. I found out it was from the Chavin Culture, after I found statues with similar handmotifs. Examining the rest of the statues onsite screamed the same symbology at me. It was showing opposite states, duality in everything.

But why would every culture depict duality like this?

Nehebkau – egypt






As above as below

One of hermes, the messenger greatest teachers, was, as above as below. What was ment by that? Clearly there was a connection between the stars and the life on earth. So what was that connection and how does it link up with the stories and architectire of the world.

The 12 tasks of Hercules

I could assign all tasks to the 12 signs of the zodiac. Some where easy, some where more difficult due to certain starsigns (deliberately) being discontinued. This made it more difficult but not impossible to decipher.

Artemis and the Red stag

Hart is an archaic word for “stag” (from Old English heorot, “deer” – compare with modern Dutch hert, German Hirsch and Swedish/Norwegian/Danish hjort, also “deer”). Specifically, “hart” was used in medieval times to describe a red deer stag more than five years old.

Cernunnos also had a stag


The stag and the beast





The trident (triptich) and the pyramid


Candija Wa Temple, Java

The triptich is Shiva’s trident. The beast at the door is greed/ego. To overcome the hell on earth man must conquer this to get back to the pyramid state and heaven on earth.


The 3 worlds of the maya

Pacals tombstone, not a rocketship or ancient alien.


How does the 3 worlds translate in  buildings of this age and older?

Great pyramid of Giza


Eifell tower

White house



The temple is a metaphore for the human body


Giza temple



Kailash hindu temple

The key is the circle. Again it goes from an enlightened state to a lower state, this is illustrated by the peacefull story of the mahabaratha on 1 side and the war story of the ramayana on the other side. It basicly displayed the two halves of life on earth in the 25920 year cycle.

It is further noteworthy that if one counts all petals of the chakra’s one comes to 144000. This is the number of people that go to heaven in the bible. To me that is what is left after wars ravaged and cleansed the earth we we either start with that or, it basicly means, when man is “enlightened” as a whole because of the kundalini energy being awakened in the whole of mankind we all go to “heaven” as heaven is a state of the earth, like “hell” is. As soon as man abolishes greed and sin, logically, the earth will go to a heaven state.

This movement is explained later.




– Two church towers of cathedral

The two snakes of ophiucius, you will find these again in the cathedral. The two ‘snakes’ are depicted as the cathedrals towers.

In ancient history they also have been depicted as in egypt as two obelisks, hercules pillars (the constellation hercules is above ophiucius) ,two  snakes, Boaz and Jachin of Solomons temple and the pillars of the rock cut temple in Kailash India. All represent the lowest stat in the circle. It is no coincidence that the cemetry is in fron of the church, that is where death, hell will occur in the cycle of the circle, however it will also be the beginning of light after that for human kind. Hence we know satan also as the light bearer and altough its the lowest state of mankind in the circle, it is also the start to heaven. Remember, there is no beginning or end in a circle.


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On the cathedral, the pyramid in the centre. You also see the 4 smaller towers, indicating the 4 directions of the zodiac.

Its all about perspective, the priest stands in the holiest of holies himself looking at the “constellation Ophiucius”.


On the Gate of the sun, the haloed sun god sits in the centre. Like jezus sits in the stained glass window in the middle of the zodiac/ 12 apostels.The back and the front are two sides of the medalion.



Now, ophiucius, the snake bearer,  and orion are 180 degrees apart from each other. The back and front of the gate of you want to say, or the two pillars and triptich, or the two pillars and triangle as oposites.  Earlier in this work we explained how moses snake became a staff, it displays the movement of precession from ophiucius to orion. There are two ways to display this. Either in a circle like the zodiac, or in a linear affair like a temple.


The two obelisks  are ophiucius/zeus altar/satan/mans lowest state of consiousness.

The holies of holies is orion/pleiades, Aries. mans highest state of consiousness. The bull,  Apis bull/golden calf, cow is allready going towards the altar in scorpio, hence why TAU is synonymous for Altar. (hence the altar shape T, the lower part of the ankh, towards slaughter.

On the famous painting of the last supper by davinci, you see the apostels in groupings of 4 as well if you look carefully. There again you see the 3 “doors” like the church and the gate of the sun from Tiwanaku and the Rainbow/Horseshoe shape above the door, of which the custom comes of hanging a horsehoe above the doorway or the mistletoe above the doorway.

Jezus posture is with hands and feet clearly in the form of a cross.

The 12 apostels are grouped in sets of 3 making 4 corners of the zodiacal cross. (12×30 degrees is 360 degrees)



This also translates to  master of the lodge


Squaring the circle is understanding the cross of the ecleptic and the circular motion of precession. As viracocha is the constelation ophiucius in the zodiac, the snake bearer. It is exactly the same as the two obelisks in front of an egyptian temple, or the two pillars in front of a masonic temple, where as opposite, to the pillars the three doors are symbolized by the master of the lodge with his two helpers. In triptich of triangle. Balance of knowledge and the duality in man in a microcosmic way.

There is another clear indication. The 33 degree is zodiacal. its 3 degrees into Taurus. mans heighest state before he falls. The location of the pleiades, hence why the pleiades or 7 sisters are revered all over the world. See the numerous pleiades references in this book.

And the popes throne in the vatican

Pope Francis I is flanked by Swiss Guards as he sits under a wooden sculpture in the Paul VI general audience hall during an audience for members of the media, at the Vatican March 16, 2013. REUTERS/Paul Hanna (VATICAN - Tags: RELIGION)
Pope Francis I is flanked by Swiss Guards as he sits under a wooden sculpture in the Paul VI general audience hall during an audience for members of the media, at the Vatican March 16, 2013. REUTERS/Paul Hanna (VATICAN – Tags: RELIGION)

The christ consiousness. The highest state of knowing. The pope himself, sits in the same way at the throne of the vatican, with his bischops side by side. The 3 doors also symbolize the pitchfork of the devil and poseidon/ zeus, who was king of the gods. Mankind as a whole is on its way to ophiucius in our zodiac, while Orion is deemed as holy of holies and as such laid out in a church when a circle is placed on its cross, the cross is the cross of precession and thats where the “christ’ consiousness of mankind died. but no worries, “christ” will return. (however die on the “cross” again) life is a continuous rebirth.

“Osiris” is orion while Ophiucius is “seth” Osiris or christ consiousness of mankind was indeed “murdered” and cut into pieces, the pieces are the world religions, or the 12 signs of the zodiac that knowledge was lost by the bulk of mankind and hidden, slumbering through the ages.

Its mans understanding of it all and all, looking from the centre. Have christ/ god or the sun within. The key is the circle and understanding that the macrocosmos is similar to the microcosmos as told by kaballah. The church is the kaballah tree, the two pillars, lay the man flat and see the holy of holies at the pinneal gland. The temple is indeed a macrocosm and microcosm. I realized it when I knew that the 12 apostels if the zodiac and the pope walks from the altar in a circle to the church towers back to the alter passing the 12 apostels in the circular motion. Moses pick up the snake and it turned into a staf, is exactly that, he picked up the snakes from ophiucius and it turned into the staff of the shephard. A pope in his palace on his throne is not a true reflection of christ, as if he was truly mans shepard he would denounce all of his riches and help man like lord shiva did. This is what I know, I hope it helped you in any way. This is what the priest or church never told you. Now you see that every religion in the world has the same buildings, the same symbolism and the same story. If we look at the zodiac, we are moving towards ophiucius. which, for mankind, is not a good thing as its the place of zeus altar, the cemetry in a church is in front of the two towers. Where the people go in. The priest comes through the east entrance , the holy of holies. (as they know the true story) . This whole information is my own, but use it, share it with people as I do not care for it. I could have written a book, sell it to you, boost my ego (my name is not michael as my name does not matter even) , but I give it to you freely as I have recieved it for free.

Share it, let everyone know. There is one unsetteling thing. I can not seem to see if we are on its way to zeus altar in the skies, mans sacrifice or to ophiucius as have not fully been able to decipher it as both are in the same location. The apocolyps could be real, it could happen in 6000 years at ophiucius, after which mankind will move back to orion. (walk in the temple and walk out the temple, from ophiucius to orion and from orion to ophiucius) Up and down jacobs ladder, from heaven to hell.

Then again, I have not fully grasped the whole story as leo/sphinx is half way to orion and guardian of the underworld.

Its for mankind a battle for peace and for war.  Indicated by both star signs.  Where the eagle stands for ophiucius.As depicted in the great seal of america and the logo of the bank of england, leaves for eden and arrows for war.  There is no difference between these logo’s and an egyptian temple. It depicts the same story the opposites in 1.

bank_of_england_logo_8313 great_seal_obv

Hercules is above ophiucius, but scorpio is close to sting. We are in a never ending cycle of staff and snake, orion the sheperd and ophiucius the snake bearer. The white rabit in alice and wonderland is the hare Lepus, close to orion, showing the way.

Like moses has split the “red sea”. Its the walk in the temple from ophiucius to orion, where one “splits the red sea. The red sea in this particular instance relates to the blood the spine is the staff who splits the sea, like kundalini towards the pineal gland. It is the phoenix that rises from the abys. The raising of the djed, or the energy that comes from the bottom of the spine towards the pinneal gland. It is also mans global consiousness, that will rise from the deepest bowels of hell on earth to a state of heaven, only to fall again afterwards like the seasons in an eternal circle, truly like the eternity symbol and truly it is as above as below.


Like the magicians symbol was depicted in the symbology of baphomet as explained in this work earlier, the magician of the tarrot encompasses this work. Its is eternal life, the seasons, going through bad times and good times. But if has knowledge of the centre, one will conquer all and know that love to another is love to self.

Beyond the pillars, the hell of satan, the lowest point of man, the sign ophiucius, will be a pathway to light and love. But be warned, that reaching that point, mankind descends back, like jacob went up and down the ladder. Teach your children, so they will know the destiny of man.


Lucifer the light bearer,  zeus or jupiter, the pitchfork symbol,


The two headed sword of the prophet Mohammed, PBUH.


The sword Zayin, or path of lightning, notice the triptich in the jewish symbol of the sword.



– The sheperds crook, “he” is truly mans shepherd. (orion)

– Like the seasons, all is cycle




Note the aries sign similarity to the maori tattoo (on top of its head) and the symbol of 13 reed at the top of the aztec sundisk

The aries in a way is the double headed eagle, the spiritual man. This is in another way relevant.


This is a groundplan of a medival church and temple and gives you the same message as the church  / temple does. Let me simplify in a graphic that I made.


Look closely and you see the 12 “apostels”. with jezus in the centre. The combined duality is depicted in the sticking out of the tongue and the triangle on its head (up/down), which is the same as an upward triangle combined with a downward triangle from the star of David. It is the church tower versus the altar, although a church only has the altar of incense, the real sacrifice altar is symbolized in the cemetery. outside the towers in front of the church.

The origin of the jezus story




The original virgin mother Anahita

Same as balancing the two annimals.


Rememeber the earlier statement that the direction of heads matters. She is the virgin mother. A balance point. The two lions face away from each other. Her wings are a depiction of going into a heaven state on earth.



Stag and Leopard, depict two sides of the coin.



God of the underworld Stag and Wolf depict two sides of the “coin” or better to say, two halves of the circle. He is holding the “aztek sunstone” in his hands with the two snakes, grabbing the snake/ego on the other hand.

This is the same snake that decieved adam, is at the bottom where scorpio is by grabbing the snake in the underworld he will go back to the stag state or enlightened fase on earth.



Pharao Symbology

The reason why the pharaos had false beards is to, to symbolize the lower state, that of the goat, opposed to the ram or sheep.  (curled horns versus spikey horns)

Same, as an opposite to the combined duality (snake and bird) on its pinneal gland. The bird and the snake will be explained later, as the bird is the transcended form of the snake, hence why one sees double headed eagles in every royal crest as a symbol of transcended knowing, transcended snake. The olmecs allready used the double headed snake and eagle. The “feathered serpent” is another way of symbolizing this combined duality knowledge in 1 image as is many other forms discussed in this work.

It shows diversity (duality) vs unity (1) in its design.Its the ying and yang. war vs peace chaos vs eden  It also shows you if mankind is working towards chaos or towards peace and ties in with the Yuga cycles of india. There is only 1 truth and every culture was trying to tell you the same.

The pharao’s attire is not a coincidence, or a gathered collection of garments. Every single piece in it has a symbology attached to it.

  1. The vulture and the snake: The bird (eagle) and the snake have allways been connected. Its the lowest state of man, the snake, the ego and the highest state of man, the bird, eagle, vulture etc. Combined on the headgear it shows the pharao has mastered the knowledge of the two states and sits in the centre. It is depicting the highest state. Like the pyramid on the head of the maya sundisk
  2. The false beard: The false beard is depicting the lowest state of the two states. Like the tongue in the disk of the sun of the maya sundisk. The Pharao’s face sits in the middle. Note that the goaty beard is later a symbol of satan, or the goat of mendez.
  3.  The two earrings. Are symbolic of the two pillars, the two dualities. Together with the headgear and the false beard they represent the cross on a pharao’s face.
  4.  The crook and flail: This also depicts the two states, one being the shepards staff and the other being punishment, They are crossed so they are in equal proportions.

As all these symbology related to a microcosmos level, it also relates to a macrocosmos level. There it depicts the two opposite constelations ophiucius and orion.

    • The crook and flail in catholic feast. A dutch childrens fest.

    The crook and flail where essential for a Pharaoh to indicate ruler ship. To many its true meaning is still hidden. Its no coincidence a bishops staf resembles that of a pharao. In the dutch “sinterklaas” childrens fest, on which santa is based, the saint is having the staff and the helper the flail. Understanding this particular symbolism is the centre.

    The Goat of mendez and baphomet

  • Knowing the false beard of the pharao, the goat and goatee becomes more clear symbolically and hence its relation to satan and hell, as it sits at the bottom, mans lowest state, mans desires of flesh, oposite the crown and connection god. The lowest chakra if you may say so.


  • Shiva and Kali

kali tongue

The unopened door that they fear. Remeber that there is no evil. Its is part of good and together they make 1. Like Shiva and Kali are 1 person in a different state of being. On the circle they are moving around between states. You choose what state you are, You are in control.

The most high, the creator. For that, do not look up, but inside. There is no god. You are part of god. You choose to add to more light or more darkness for others, which is yourself. The key to life is to see beauty in evil, as how bad it might seem, it is part of good.

My favoured teaching/quote.

“Do not fight darkness, be the light.”

temple door


What about the mythology of ancient greeks

– Its all constellation related, all points again to the stars

– Hercules Pillars?

What do the jews tell us?

– Kaballah, the tree of knowledge

– Solomons temple, and why it will be rebuild.

Solons temple, but particularly its layout, encodes the message that is conveyed in this book. By encoding knowledge in stone, the message might be preserved for future generations, like I used the buildings and what the ancient left for us to write this work.

What do the mayans and inca’s tell us?

– The oldest, Viracocha, was not a sun god at all, but with halo between the snakes.

What does ancient india tell us?

– Kailash temple layout

– Slaying of the horned demon


– A warning for mankind

– No end, no beginning. All is eternal.









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