Dystopian Society And Movies Worth Watching

Are we heading towards a dystopian society?
Movies you should watch:
Equilibrium and Fahrenheit 451 are both dystopian films based on Orwellian themes. -In Equilibrium, emotions are banned. They are said to have caused war, suffering, pain. In 451, books fill this role.
-In Equilibrium, the populace is controlled by Prozium, the anti-emotion drug. The populace cannot feel highs and lows. In 451 ‘sleeping pills’ the red pills, the yellow pills, etc, cause a varied range of emotions, from hunger to elation.
-In both cases, the protagonist(E:John Preston, 451:Guy Montag) is a pawn of the system, who later rebels not after a life-changing event, but after cumulative dislike of the system, combined with persuasion from a female protagonist(E:Mary O’Brien, 451:Clarisse)
Both have a ‘happy ending’, which is unusual for the Orwellian-dystopian genre.
The giver is another movie that touches this subject of knowledge. All are not very far of from a possible distant future of mankind.
The Hunger Games
The Hunger Games (foil).png
Ofcourse the hunger games is also an example of an elite society that controls the masses and to me an excellent entertaining story with a bit of future society possibility.
Elysium Poster.jpg
Also one of my favorites.  Elite society of people in space controling a “lesser” people on earth.
Lucy (2014 film) poster.jpg
A movie that explores the effects of drugs on mans ability and awakening.
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