Custom Sl1200’s

Customizing SL1200s PLINTH

Polished 1200 plinth. awesome. build in dice invations.


2. Pimp My Turntables

3. Jesse Dean Design


Technics Sl1200 MODS

Mike New Bearing;
MCRU psu+regulator;
AudioMods v.5 Std.Arm;
Ortofon Kontrapunkt b cartridge;
FunkFirm Achromat;
Isonoe Sorbothane Boots;
SDS 285mm Isoplatmat;
Tonearm rewire w/Cardas Litz;
turret terminal pcb;
PC1200 jack plate;
wax seat for spindle assembly;
replaced all lights with LED’s;
ufo platter light.
Polished Plinth;


MCRU offer our premium up-grade service for your Technics SL1200/1210. We
are the UK’s number one Techy shop with every
up-grade you could ever need to take your Techy to a performance level you
never thought was possible. No one else can offer
the level of up-grades we can, we have the Mike New Precision Technics
Bearing and matching ETP Platter, we also have an
award winning regulated linear power supply and a range of arms,
cartridges, feet and mats to suit every budget. Below are
some examples of what is available. MCRU are authorized agents for
Furutech, Oyaide, Isonoe, IsoKinetik, Mike New,
Longdog Audio, Nagaoka, Stillpoints, Goldring and many more.

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