The Djed And The Maya “pole” To Observe Time

The “big dipper’ or foreleg of the ox important in egypt. It indicates the pleiades, like the rattlesnake does in the stele of the Maya

One of the stories in Izapa, describes “the previous creation” in the form of a story:

According to the Popol Vuh, the Principal Bird Deity was a vain macaw that claimed to rule the world during the prior creation. In order to usher in the present creation, a set of Hero Twins needed to shoot the Principal Bird Deity from its perch in a tree. This encounter between the twins and the macaw is depicted on a Classic Maya vessel known as the “Blowgunner Pot” and on Izapa Stela 25. This story was also reflected in the night sky through the movements of the Milky Way and the Big Dipper, or Ursa Major, which was the astronomical counterpart to the Principal Bird Deity.

The pleiades or 7 wise are directly related to the yuga cycles in the 7 wise men. (7 stars) that is the left bird in the tree.

What intrested me most is the depicting of “the pillar of heaven” having the bird on top. the right bird.
i believe its the same pillar as the djed.
Now why this is intresting is that this particular pillar has only 3 bars horizontaly. The egyptian Djed pillar had 4. Its the same thing they are depiciting.
If we go with the Yuga and maya story of Gold Silver Bronze Iron, the 26000 year cycle. Then they depicted the age they were in or the age that came before. It might also be the they talked about the previous age as silver age as the previous generation, the bird sits on 3rd porch and that izapa was from the bronze age just before BC which would fit in 1500bc. 4 bar Djed is before that. the golden age. The bird is a two headed bird which is the mayas most important planet venus. it was allways a two headed snake/bird because of venus morning star evening star duality..

The most logical heaven pillar of our times would have 1 bar and the next bronze age two bars on the pillar of heaven. In fact, we have 1 bar on the djed/pillar of heaven, its jesus cross. We also find the 1 bar djed and venus bird (there it is depicted as quetzalcoatl birdman) on the pacal tomb. similar “tree” which proves iztapa is older as pacals city depicted by the djed. Now the egyptian 4 bar djed id the oldest. that was the golden age of man in the preceszion cycle. In our age *and pacals time* we see man’ on the cross as it lost all his spirituality connection their inner christ. To me it is all symbolic.

The cross is the precession cross, the djed with the stars passing horizontally, the spine, the single bar represents the darkest iron age we are in. The heighest age was a cross with 4 bars, the djed. Izapa was in the silver age as seen by the 3 barred DJED.
Through the ages we move from heaven to hell and back. Symbolizing why man left the garden of eden. The spiritual golden age.

The temples where made as bodies as that is mans true temple. That is why god didnt want a house for himself as god is within every man. Its eating well. no meat/killing or alcohol. Water with no fluoride. (you are poisoned) compasionate love. Then the glands are activated and christ within is awakened. That is also why the one dynasty was destroyed in the pyramid code as they rediscivered what true “god” and the true “temple” was.

To me this is the secret of the ages. The Christ consiousness “died” on the  galactic cross or adam fell from eden, only to regain a state of Eden when our solar system reaches the centre of the galaxy again in ophiucius.

The spiritual flying serpent rains over the ego the crawling serpent.

Djed or kundalini raised. the glands activated.

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