Random Info

Lava lamps, led garden balls with color changing LEDs and Tesla coils are cool.
Bezig met speaker ontwerpen, ik vind “blobs” cool. Ook leds die van kleur veranderen,
automatisch of op remote of op sensor. Met gaas een random blob vorm maken.
Doorzichtig Fiberglas erover heen en je hebt een transparante blob. Dan LEDs Erin.
Kan vanalles zijn. Speaker, huis in het groot. Stoel, tafel, bank, computerkast.
Vr6 throttlebodies –

Vr6 Throttle bodies
They will only really help if the rest of the engine is built to a high spec,
so needs cams over 260 duration and a really good head porting job.

starting with a 24v will give better gains, and the head is already good,
so just cams to buy Although a turbo will make way more power, you have to
decide if you can live with the poor throttle response and lag.

Rat Mk3 Golf


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