Swastika, Symbol Of The Cycles.




The Big dipper. as swastika, symbolizing the 4 seasons. The big Dipper can be seen as Santa’s Sleigh pulled by reindeers. (See: The Origin and Symbology Of Christmass)

The swastika cross also called fylfot, resembles the Greek letters gammas, joined together, hence its Latin name, Grammatik, Originally the symbol depicted four serpents chasing each others tail, regarded as a symbol of good fortune and well being. A symbol of the shining and the earth mother, an important combination of ascension.

Also known as the rotating cross it was believed to represent the sun through the heavens and the cycle of life. It symbolizes the oscillating vortex of creation and conveys the message that everything is pulsating, oscillating, from the macrocosm of spinning atoms and sub atomic bodies.

The great wheel of life that forever turns, creating and re-crating.

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