Menkaur Pyramid

The Menkaur pyramid fascinates me at the moment because of the South American style knobs on the casing stone, see last picture and my other blog post for that. I found some older drawings online in the public domain. Note the large cavity in front that has been filled this day.

What is also remarkable is the transition between the “rough” “pillowlike” stones and the effort taken to make the “flat part” where the entrance is.  There is an exact similar flat piece on the other side of the pyramid.

This has never been checked if there is also a tunnel or entrance behind that since the flat part marks the now only entrance.. There are hardly or no photo’s of that online, but you can see it in the video from Yousef Awyan when he walks the Giza plateau. That video is recommended

Click Here For Video

I took some screenshots of the video and added it in the gallery below to show the other similar side to the entrance of the menkaur pyramid that never has been further explored as it is still intact with no evidence of digging and looking for another entrance.


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