Stance, Tuner And Japanse Style Cars

Japanese Styles:

Shakotan style (low car)

Example of the Shakotan style

Example of the Shakotan style
Shakotan literally means “low car” and is used mainly for indicating extremely lowered streetcars with wings and big exhausts tips. The manga/anime of Shakotan Boogie features two brothers driving extremely lowered cars. One of them being a white Toyota Soarer Z10, hence the popularity of that particular car under Shakotan fans. This style is the mild variant of the Bosozoku style.

Kyusha style (old japanese car)
Example of the kyusha style
Example of the Kyusha style

Kyusha style literally means “Japanese old classic car” which in a lot of cases mean it is an old car modified with some (smaller) fender flares, lowered and nice rims under it.

SSR Star Shark 10J

SSR Star Shark 10J

VW Golf Ratsyle Google Search

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