Custom Light Tunnels for Natural Lighting

Sun Tunnel Skylights: Suffusing dark corners with natural light

sun tunnel skylights WP7rM 58

You may have residing or working in some of the most lustrous enclosures, but there often remains a dark corner or room in each apartment that never sees the clear rather natural light of the day. If you are not the lucky one to have an apartment that’s illuminated with natural light and requires electrical light to make your place glow even during daylight hours, the Sun Tunnel Skylights by Velux may be an innovative as well as an ideal solution for you. The tubular sun tunnel not just brings the natural light to your murky working or living places, but it also helps to turn you eco-supportive, as it brings passive light from the Sun without the normal heat emitted by electrical light sources. Moreover, it’ll allow users to reap valuable health benefits of the natural light.


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