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DIY Green Rooftop Design

Green rooftops have many benefits in society; they reduce stormwater runoff, keep a building cool in the summer, warm in the water and are simply absolutely beautiful! Below you will see guides as to how to build them as well as hundreds of thousands of amazing pictures to inspire you!

Green Roofs: An Introduction with Pretty Pictures…/green-roofs-an-introduction-with-pret…/

University of Tennessee Plant Sciences Researchers and Community Students Build Low Impact Development Green Roof

What do I need to know about my building before I initiate a green roof installation?

The World’s Largest Rooftop Farm

A newer trend that is quickly gaining popularity around the world is rooftop farming. Rather than planting only vegetation, rooftop farmers are cultivating entire gardens complete with multiple fruit and vegetable species in the unused space atop large urban structures. The farm even has chicken coops and beehives on site to round out the farming experience.

The largest of these rooftop farms is located in a surprising place – Brooklyn, NY. Although the trend is only just starting to catch on in the States, European countries adopted green-roofs years ago as a way to provide insulation, create habits for local wildlife, improve oxygen levels in urban areas and control water runoff.…/

Green Roofs on Homes and Sheds…

229,918 green roof Home Design Photos

Extensive Vegetative Roofs
by Charlie Miller, P.E., Roofscapes, Inc.

New York City Department of Design and Construction
Cool and Green Roofing Manual…/…/downloads/pdf/cool_green_roof_man.pdf

Green Roof Books to Purchase

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