Egypt Pre-Inca Polygonic Masonry Similarities

It is an undeniable fact that some of egypts earliest monuments like the Oserion, The sphinx temple and the casing stones on the menkaur pyramid or the ground stones in front of the pyramids are of similar origion as pre-inca walls. The knobs and the polygonic interlocking stones share a similar origin without a doubt.




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1 thought on “Egypt Pre-Inca Polygonic Masonry Similarities”

  1. Are pictures 13 and 15 in Egypt? Picture 11 is too small to read. Is the bottom one on the right in Egypt? As an architect, my conclusion is that the knobs are jacking points for diagonal struts. I also have a theory on transportation of the stones which involves 4 groups of semicircular wooden blocks such that the stone and wood for a stone that acts as a wheel. lol

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