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Dimastech Bench Table Easy V3.0 Rig

Posted by Jonathan Henry on

We love our Dimastech Benchtables at SPB.  They are just the ticket for use in our Repair workshop as well as showing off a custom loop or two!   Forthcoming highly custom flagship Desktop Gaming PC based on the Dimastech Easy V3 Bench table.  Comes in any accent colour you like, 24/7 stable overclock as standard naturally.

Dimastech Easy V3 Benchtable

Design Concept.  Fully Modded case and custom loop.  We build Unique High end Gaming PCs to order. Call us or send us a message to talk to our Games Tech today!


OR Geek test bench and an AMD freesync monitor or NVIDIA GSYNC monitor..


Now waiting for a a 21:9, 3440×1440 monitor with that tech.. Jay.

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