Rampant Goats in relation to tree of life.



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Sumerian cylinder seal showing flanking goats with hooves on tree and/or mountain. Uruk period. (After Joyce Burstein in: Katherine Anne Harper, Robert L. Brown, 2002, The roots of tantra, SUNY Press, p.100)Hence, two goats + mountain glyph reads rebus: meḍ kundār ‘iron turner’. Leaf on mountain: kamaṛkom ‘petiole of leaf’; rebus: kampaṭṭam ‘mint’. loa = a species of fig tree, ficus glomerata, the fruit of ficus glomerata (Santali) Rebus: lo ‘iron’ (Assamese, Bengali); loa ‘iron’ (Gypsy).
Its leaves related to Homa ritual
It has been described in the story of Raja Harischandra of the Ikshvaku dynasty, that the crown was a branch of this udumbura tree, set in a circlet of gold. Additionally, the throne (simhasana) was constructed out of this wood and the royal personage would ascend it on his knee, chanting to the gods to ascend it with him, which they did so, albeit unseen. Its leaves are an indispensable part of many Hindu havans.
The glyphic composition is read rebus: meḍ loa kundār ‘iron turner mint’.
kundavum = manger, a hayrick (G.) Rebus: kundār turner (A.); kũdār, kũdāri (B.); kundāru (Or.); kundau to turn on a lathe, to carve, to chase; kundau dhiri = a hewn stone; kundau murhut = a graven image (Santali) kunda a turner’s lathe (Skt.)(CDIAL 3295) This rebus reading may explain the hayrick glyph shown on the sodagor ‘merchant, trader’ seal surrounded by four animals.Two antelopes are put next to the hayrick on the platform of the seal on which the horned person is seated.
mlekh ‘goat’ (Br.); rebus: milakku ‘copper’ (Pali); mleccha ‘copper’ (Skt.) Thus, the composition of glyphs on the platform: pair of antelopes + pair of hayricks read rebus: milakku kundār ‘copper turner’. Thus the seal is a framework of glyphic compositions to describe the repertoire of a brazier-mint, ‘one who works in brass or makes brass articles’ and ‘a mint’.
Source: http://bharatkalyan97.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/pillar-of-fire-jyotirlinga-and-hindu.html



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